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Improving Mobile Traffic using Google Analytics

Website Analytics September 8th, 2010



Improving Mobile Traffic using Google AnalyticsWith the influx of smart mobile devices everyone is talking about the potential for mobile sales. ABI Research predicts that m-commerce will top $119BN in 2015, up dramatically from the $2BN predicted for 2010. Mobile transactions ARE the future of online commerce and we all are salivating for a slice of this rather large pie!

But how do we understand and prepare for the surge in mobile usage? With Google Analytics we can understand the quantity and quality of mobile interaction right now and make plans for future growth.

For our customers we have the following approach to achieve this:

1) Understand many mobile visitors you are receiving? Are these visitors as engaged as non-mobile visitors?

Build the report in Google Analytics: Visitors > Mobile Devices > Click Comparison button


Analysis: This helps understand the breakdown of mobile devices used, so that you can build pages that suit the device type. Also you can understand how mobile browsers are interacting compared to full internet browsers. The aim here is to make improvements over time by creating content that is more engaging on mobile devices.

2) How many conversions are you receiving from mobile visits?

Build the report in Google Analytics: To understand this data we need to isolate the mobile traffic segment. Click “All Visits” and select Mobile Traffic segment. I suggest leaving the all visits segment enabled too so you can see how conversion rates compare.

Click on Goals > Goal Conversion Rate



Analysis: This data will tell you how far behind mobile traffic is in conversion terms.

The key to making improvements here is to set goals for improvement, tracking them over time and implementing conversion improving tools. We suggest:

a) resizing pages for mobile browsers so that the most important information is at the top of the device.

b) make lead forms or mobile specific checkout pages fit within screen sizes.

Conversion testing these options is the best method for improvement!

3) Understand which areas of your site are being visits by mobile visitors!

Build the report in Google Analytics: Use the custom segment described above (by itself, i.e. without All Visits”). Click on Content > Top Content


Analysis: This report allows us to understand what the most visited pages are from a mobile device and target where to place our improvement efforts. Bounce rates of above 50% are slightly more acceptable on mobile devices due to the fact that visitors may be looking up a number to call. However we should be minimizing the bounces by trying to engage as often as possible.

For ecommerce sites the 1st focus should be to improve the checkout process and ensure it is simple and smooth from a mobile device. Then examining the top content report will provide a priority list for further improvement.

Mobile Device Conclusion

Using the above reporting we can monitor the performance of mobile visitors. By making improvements and tracking the performance over time we can address the numerous elements that will bring online success from mobile devices. Understanding what your visitors want though is primary key to this success.

These steps should be taken in conjunction with a mobile advertising campaign which leverages advertising on mobile devices and uses such features such as “click to call”.

Feel free to contact us on any of the above… we’ll be glad to help.

Post By Jon Dyer (26 Posts)

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Jon is the VP of Operations at TechWyse and analyzes everything. This includes your analytics accounts and the difference between Coke and Pepsi. He often shares with us his advanced level knowledge of campaign analysis and Google Analytics.

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Improving Mobile Traffic using Google Analytics

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