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Social Media Monthly Round Up For November 2009

Social Media Marketing December 10th, 2009


Social Media Monthly Round Up For November 2009It seems  we are all about to get pulled into the magical trance of yet another holiday season that is just around the corner. Before bidding goodbye to another year lets have a peek into the monthly news that turned the social media world last month.

11% Of Online Customers Use Social Media For Sharing Their Bad Experiences

Social media & social networks are the terms getting tossed around these days among the online community. All these terms integrated to a broader concept, called  Social Media Marketing

Tealeaf 2009 Online Consumer Survey pulls out a very interesting trend that online consumers are increasingly turning to social media to share their online experiences with others. By this report, an average of 11% of adults online who encountered obstacles shared those experiences on social networking sites. This figure is nearly twice as many as in previous years. It also shows a remarkable decline in direct communication or contacting company’s directly over the last year.

Monitoring social media channels is crucial in identifying trends in complaints. As web 2.0 continues to grow if not taken cared off properly, this ‘user generated content’ abridged as UGC can mar your site’s search engine optimization expectations considerably. Which means social media will become more and more prominent. Embedding social media strategies in your internet marketing efforts is therefore paramount.

Social Media Consumer Study


Facebook Buzz

Facebook continues to enhance user safety measures through the formation of a global advisory board named Facebook Safety Advisory Board.

The advisory board was set up in collaboration with a group of five leading Internet safety organizations from North America and Europe. The board will advise Facebook on issues related to online safety and  will begin by building a new online library of materials for educators, parents and teens. The five organizations on the board are Common Sense Media, ConnectSafely, WiredSafety, Childnet International and The Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI). On the fall of this year  Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg releases an open letter to thank the 350 million Facebook users around the world.

We also caught a glance at the new Facebook 150,000 facility.

Twitter Talks

Rumours are spreading across the online world about Twitter’s plan to charge for tweets by next year.  Here is one such story.  A week ago a Japanese service of Twitter has announced the charging plans, so anyone taking out a paid-subscription option would be able to charge followers a small amount to read their tweets. My own take is that this is all very premature and I would be very surprised to ever see something like this happen.  It is notable however, that we still aren’t seeing anything on the Twitter page to suggest they are gaining revenues from advertising engines such as  Google Adsense.

Social Media Scan

  • Google acquisition news: To enhance the Google Voice service Google has acquired Gizmo5, a VOIP Company that provides Internet-based calling software for mobile phones and computers. Another deal was sealed with Teracent,  a San Mateo, California startup and a leader in display advertising technology.
  • It is reported that media baron Rupert Murdoch who has made vehement charges against Google on showing their news is looking  for a web pact between News Corp and Microsoft to beef up his ongoing battle with Google.
  • Digg has launched a new homepage voting experiment called ‘Digg Trends’ which will place a certain topic on top of the response sent by the surfer if he feels there is a ‘need’ for the topic to remain on the top page. ‘The goal of Digg Trends is to put high activity stories in front of the community quickly and to present a fun new way for people to express whether they like the story or not. We only show the most basic information for each story so as to ensure that voting is as unbiased as possible’ says the Digg Blog.
  • Leapfish, a start-up tech company, is part of DotNext company devoted to innovation.  They have launched an entry portal for web users called "the Living Web". The youtube video on this tells us much about the newbie. The new portal has aroused interest among the online populace, including search engine optimization specialists.
  • A new human powered real-time social search engine Zakta made its online presence known. Apart from suggesting semantically related topics and subtopics to search Zakta automatically presents results in logical categories: web sites, books, reference materials and subcategories relevant to the user’s query.
  • Online video company Fliqz announced last month  the launch of a new tool called SearchSuccess designed to increase the effectiveness of clients’ video placement on major search engines.

That’s all for now. Catch you next time. Happy holidays folks!

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Social Media Monthly Round Up For November 2009

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