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9 Social Media Tools Essential for Business

Social Media Marketing March 10th, 2014



Social media sites now are the new leaders online. They are everywhere in the web. Wherever you turn your head, you can see that everyone is using social media sites like Facebook, WordPress and Twitter. It does not matter if you’re just new to business or you have been doing some works for quite some time now, all that matters is that you constantly evaluate your business using web-based tools to make your business reach the next level.

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Now, here are some helpful social media tools you need to for your business:


This is a type of listening and monitoring tool. Cyfe provides an effective visibility into social channel as well as search metrics that usually only web admins of those channels or tools have access to. This tool enables the administrator to bring in your CRM, email marketing and blog data. In line with that, new integration shipping is on a regular basis.


TweetReach allows the users to see how far their tweets travel from their timeline to different social media sites. It will give a break down of how many people your tweets reach and the number of tweets it took to reach them. Number of tweet shares is being shown to the user. Business owners should use this tool to track down their messages and to know what people needs.


This tool helps the business by offering a single dashboard to monitor Twitter and Facebook that allows you to delegate tasks to each members of the team. ArgyleSocial provides easy reporting on ROI of your effort on social media strategy.


Probably the most popular tool for social media management for business use. It helps on collaboration of executing campaigns on different social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook on a single dashboard. It can track conversations and measure the result of marketing campaign using web or mobile device.


People online might have heard about TwitterSearch. It is a tool that lets the users to see what people are saying about your business competitors. TwitterSearch is being used to utilize the usage of Twitter on business field. It mostly covers relevant trending topics.


A plugin which is useful for WordPress users. It allows the users to manage their editorial team seamlessly. The user can have a snapshot of monthly content with a calendar feature. It also improves the content status


The old school mailing list is still good when it comes to business and building relationships with valued clients. This MailChimp offers a good list management, analysis and tracking, and custom HTML templates with 500 subscribers and 3000 emails per month for free. MailChimp is the choice of established businesses like Mozilla, Canon, Intel and more.


A cost-effective web-based tool designed for project management and collaboration. The features include to-do lists, due-dates, file sharing, wiki-style writeboards, blog-styling messaging, time tracking and an integration of group chat.


It is a relevant application or tool on Twitter that allows the users to lock in those followers that you have connected with and see to it that they still follow you. You can also be aware of commonality with certain followers. ReFollow should be used by people who want to connect with highly-qualified people. Quality is what it offers.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed the round up. If you think we’ve missed any tools, let us know in the comments!

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9 Social Media Tools Essential for Business

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