Google Radio Advertising joins Newspaper Ads on the Scrap Heap

Google Radio Advertising joins Newspaper Ads on the Scrap Heap


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    So another premature baby has gone. Why is Google is going into the terrains which are not their core area. It seems that big ‘G’ wants to test all waters to cement their dominance further. The irony is they often burn their hands out of these futile attempts.

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    The decision to enter into radio ads was certainly a risky one. As is evident now the risk just didn’t pay off. Add this to the list of flops from Google in off-line media. But the good news for Google is that everyone is heading online these days!

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    I have read reports saying that recession has made Google retreat from these efforts. Google said that it hopes to fine other roles for most of the people involved in those projects, but that it expects ‘up to 40 people’ may not be able to find other jobs at the company. A good reason for pink slipping?

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    Well, well, well! This could mean pink slips are being prepared for some of their employees. Guess Google’s management is bracing for leaner times after years of robust revenue growth that enabled it to spend freely and gamble on new ventures.

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    Ha! Google has pulled the plug on radio ads, right? Just shows how the recession is forcing the search giant to reassess its goals and priorities. And this comes just four months after Google scrapped newspaper ads. Are the TV ads next in the queue???

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    No doubt in Google’s role as a service provider as the intermediary in transactions, Google has carved out its unquestionable empire out here. Shifting from this primary goal could damage the dynamics of Big G. Online advertising is Google’s cup of tea; and they should continuously focus on that terrain than tinkering with these sorts.

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