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Ad Copy Optimization: 5 Tips to Improve Your PPC Ads

Pay Per Click April 3rd, 2017


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I consider ad copy the crux of every Adwords campaign– it is after all the first impression that a new customer will receive of your brand! To take advantage of this, it’s important that your ad copy is compelling and genuine to what you’re offering/selling. In this blog post, I’ll go over some helpful suggestions, as well as successes I’ve seen from our clients to help YOU create killer paid campaigns.

1. Jump on the Expanded Text Ad Train

First off, have you taken advantage of new the expanded text ads? Google started rolling this out a few months ago, yet many advertisers haven’t fully integrated this into their Adwords campaigns. Increased character limits (+47% more characters than previous standard ads), allows your ad to take up more space on the search engine page. Additionally, it allows you to communicate more in the ads itself. The increased “real estate” you take up will likely drive up click-through-rates (CTR), which means more people clicking through to your website. Yay!


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2. Learn to Test, Test, Test…TEST!!

The only way to understand what’s going to work is to test it yourself. With every new campaign launch, I recommend testing between 5 and 6 new ads per ad group. Within the first few months, I generally always set my campaign to “Rotate Evenly for 90 Days, then Optimize”. This allows me to gather information, see what ad copy actually drove clicks/conversions. Were certain calls-to-actions more successful? Are mobile preferred ads generating more conversions? Does including your brand name in ad increase the CTR for non-branded campaigns?

3. Have You Included Price in Your Ads?

I find that ads that include price, where applicable, generally have higher CTRs and more conversions. I know this seems like an obvious point to make, but sometimes people don’t include price. While doing a test on one of our clients, I found that ads that included a price point had an overall increase in CTR by +400%. Not only do prices in ads generate more relevant traffic, you will likely see an increase in quality of leads. When you have a competitive price advantage in your area or field, this will only increase your chances of attracting new business. Make sure do some competitive research in your field before drafting up your ad copy – you don’t want your ad to be a deterrent if your competitor is offering more savings! Think of creative ways to showcase your price. Could it be on overall savings per year? Or maybe a flat fee per month?

Side Tip: Consider testing Price Extensions as well. Each varied price point needs a designated URL to send traffic to.

4. Enticing Promotions

I’m a sucker for a deal, so seeing a promotion will only increase the likelihood of capturing more conversions! Try coming up with a relevant and enticing deal you can offer your customers. Maybe it’s a “buy-one-get-the-second-free” or a percentage off a product or service? Consider adding a countdown feature as this fuels the fear of losing out.

5. Grab Their Attention

Make sure your ad grabs a user’s attention. I’ve seen some creative ad copy, but one of my favourites is one of our client’s, Yuk Yuks. In their ad copy, they’ve used their brand as a play on words!


Post By Charlotte Goddard (2 Posts)


Charlotte Goddard enjoys executing and driving strategies forward for a clientele base from a variety of verticals. She enjoys looking at numbers and turning them into actionable insights and successes for her SMB clients!

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Ad Copy Optimization: 5 Tips to Improve Your PPC Ads

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