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The Power Of Infographics As A Link Building Technique

Online Innovation July 19th, 2012


The Power Of Infographics As A Link Building Technique Infographics have become increasingly more popular as not only a way of distributing information effectively, but are also often utilized by social news websites.

An Important Advertising Tool

The internet is constantly changing in how information is distributed, which is emphasized by the increase in the use of infographics. We live in a very visual age, and that is why infographics are considered an important advertising tool. The fact that a whole infographic can be shared just underlines how many people a well-designed infographic can reach.

A Relevant Message

Designing an effective infographic will not normally be something that can be produced quickly. It has to be both informative and easy to comprehend, but, in most cases, it also needs to avoid looking cluttered. An infographic needs to get a relevant message across, and, if there is too much information, then people viewing it may lose sight of what the infographic is trying to project.


Make the infographic something that is easy to share. Using social media share buttons for the infographic is the simplest way of doing this. The code of the infographic is another way that the infographic can be shared. Code for the infographic should be easy to embed successfully, and it should contain a link back to the relevant website. Include an alt tag for the image in the code.

Displaying Statistics

Infographics work especially well when presenting a list of statistics. When merely in text form, the significance of statistics is sometimes not so easy to grasp. People are interested in statistics in so many ways, from how much the world’s 10 richest soccer clubs are worth, to a list of the world’s most heavily populated cities. Statistical related infographics have the power to engage people more than dry text – and are more likely to be shared.

Being Topical Helps

An infographic can be particularly useful and topical at the same time, which will help the link building process. An example of this is when using an infographic to display the result of a major political election. How well each party has performed can be included, and how votes have increased or decreased for each party since the last election. To maximise the impact of the infographic, including both numbers and percentages would be beneficial.

Benefits of Social Media

Using social media wisely will also help to make an infographic popular. There are some infographics, such as those related to health, that will be of interest to most social media users. For a rock music related infographic, for instance, it’s key to be able to reach people who are interested in that genre. If an infographic contains information about something your social media circle is just not interested in, then the infographic will be more unlikely to be shared with others.

General Networking

Other methods of getting publicity for an infographic include blogging and using forums. When seeking publicity, building up a network of people you trust is also advisable. However, nothing is rarely for nothing, and people who help give you publicity will normally expect something in return.

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The Power Of Infographics As A Link Building Technique

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