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Facebook Ad Specifications And Dimensions 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographics March 4th, 2014



Facebook advertising continues to play a larger role in many businesses online advertising mix. With more people using Facebook than ever, their ad offerings have diversified considerably since the beginning.

What’s more, every time Facebook updates its User Interface, new ad dimensions are also implemented. It can get pretty confusing! Especially if you want your ads to look impressive, and professional.

We’ve put together an Infographic that outlines all of Facebook’s current ad dimensions and specifications. Everything you need to ensure your Facebook ads are optimized correctly can be found here!


This infographic has been immensely useful for our social media management team. If you find it useful, please share with your friends!

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Thanks, and happy ad building!

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A very big thanks to Rajesh, Saumya and Sreelal for their contribution!

Post By Tyler Shannon (8 Posts)


Tyler focuses on website development and special projects. He has a passion for social media, online advertising, and campaign measurement!
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Facebook Ad Specifications And Dimensions 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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