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Why Do I Need Location Targeted Content Pages for Local SEO

Content Marketing September 28th, 2015



Many businesses are situated in one location.  Whether you’re a dentist, lawyer, doctor, or plumber, it is likely that you have one clinic or office in one specific location.

Let’s say you are a plumber located in Toronto and you’ve created a website as a means of being found online.  If your website is properly optimized for search engines, users are able to search for “Plumber in Toronto” and have your business appear in the search results.

The big question is: What if I want to branch out of Toronto and start catering to people in other locations?

This is where location pages become an essential part of your SEO strategy.


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What are Location Pages?

Location pages are content pages on your website designed to target a specific location. The location page should include unique geo-specific content, information about your business, and contact information relevant to the audience you are trying to target. You can include anything from community information to driving directions related to that location or servicing area.

Every location that you are trying to target in localized searches should also have its own dedicated page.

For example, when a doctor in Toronto asked “how do I show up in search results when someone is in Thornhill and looking for plastic surgeon in thornhill?”

To target searchers searching in Thornhill, we created a location page for that specific area, along with many other locations. Within a month, he became the #1 search result for that particular search query.

thornhill location page

Why are Location Pages Important for my Business?

Location pages that are branded and optimized are essential when you’re aiming to be found online with local search queries. When you create location-specific pages with relevant content, it allows Google’s algorithms to crawl and index your page. This way your page will appear for relevant search queries, even when someone is searching for your business outside of the city you are located in.

With location pages, your business has the ability to outrank your competition and provides more information to local consumers. This will drive users to appropriate pages and allow for a faster conversion or sale.

What are the Benefits of Locations Pages?

There are a lot of great benefits to location pages, including:

  • The ability to rank in cities outside of where you’re located
  • Drive localized search traffic to your website
  • Increase business awareness through increased reach
  • Help Google better understand your business
  • Highly geographically targeted to reach users in specific locations
  • Strengthen your SEO content on your website
  • Attract new customers both online and offline

It’s important to remember that some markets will organically perform better than others. Keep a close eye on locations that may not be performing as well as others, and ensure you continue to optimize your page for both the user and search engines

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As a member of the Advertising Club of Toronto, Stephanie is a well-rounded digital media professional with years of experience in media planning. Stephanie has earned a reputation as a strategic thinker that is focused on client satisfaction and timely execution.

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Why Do I Need Location Targeted Content Pages for Local SEO

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