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How Much Content Do I Need to Rank High in Search Engines?

Content Marketing August 12th, 2015


When it comes to creating content that is designed to increase visibility and traffic to any website, there are many details that matter. Not only does the content need to offer some type of value to readers, but the presence of keywords is also critical.

There seems to be an ongoing debate involving the optimal amount of content for SEO. Many don’t realize that the actual word count is critical to search visibility, site traffic, bounce rate, and much more. In the past, the overriding thought was that 500 words were ideal for content creation. However, this opinion is no longer standing firm and many believe it is a misconception that 500 words is all that is required.


Difficulty in Evaluating Content

It is difficult to get a firm handle on the optimal amount of content for SEO purposes because there isn’t one true and defined method to measure the ROI of content. This means that determining the ideal word count for content is complex. One thing that is certain about the content Google ranks highly is that it offers value. Google wants content that answers the questions of online users. This still leaves open the question of how many words are required for content to effectively provide an answer.

Connection Between Content Length and Ranking

The main purpose of SEO strategies is to gain a higher ranking within search engines and earn more visibility online. This means that having content longer than 500 words might be more optimal for SEO purposes. Research has been done involving content length and the number of links to that specific site. The results clearly showed that longer content in turn led to more links. This is direct evidence that people are looking for longer content and that search engines rank longer content as more valuable.

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How Long is Long Enough?

In a study conducted by SerpIQ, blog articles that had more than 2000 words ranked higher than shorter articles. It’s likely that if you are just aiming to reach the 500 word mark with an article you write, you may be missing out on useful phrases that users search for and more importantly, that you can rank for.

Average Content Length

Further research done by CoShedule showed similar results. While their research showed that content length alone is not the defining factor for top rankings. However, it can be a valuable differentiator if all other ranking factors are equal. Longer content had a significant impact on search engine positions overall.

Average word count

Image Source

Back in 2012, Moz did a study that showed longer content and the number of backlinks a site had were directly correlated, which would indicate that users prefer longer, more descriptive content as well. Since high-quality backlinks are a huge part of SEO, this is another big benefit to having longer content.word countlink count

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These studies did not include other factors that show why longer content is so valuable. Content that are longer in length will generate more traffic to your site, which will in turn generate more leads. It will also increase the time a user spends on your site, which Google loves and will factor into their search rankings. Social shares have even proven that users prefer to read and share longer content. OkDork conducted a research indicating that the average number of shares a page gets increases with content length.

average shares

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Quality and Word Count

The main thing to remember when it comes to optimal word count for SEO is that there is no magic number. Although 500 words has been the longstanding barometer of SEO content, this is not the reality. The actual word count might not be as important as the information that is provided. It is important that the content offers value and answers a real question. When you provide a valuable piece of content that is precise and relevant in 500 words, it can still be valuable and ranked highly in search engines. However, when you’re sharing in-depth information, it will often require more words, which may be more optimal for SEO. Remember, when you’re writing content for your website to have a variety of both long and short content that can rank on search engines.

Post By Michael McNaughton (8 Posts)

Michael is one of our Project Managers at TechWyse. With many years of experience in managing projects big and small, Michael is an important part of the team. He is also a big sports fan!

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Michael is one of our Project Managers at TechWyse. With many years of experience in managing projects big and small, Michael is an important part of the team. He is also a big sports fan!
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How Much Content Do I Need to Rank High in Search Engines?

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