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Getting Started In Internet Marketing Today

Before the internet existed you would go to places like the Yellow Pages to get your phone ringing. Now things are different. Now you make sure your website is saying the right thing and then decide how to begin delivering relevant traffic.

Since our measurement team at TechWyse works around a ‘return on investment’ investment premise all of the services offered by us are recommended to most of our clients.

Are you new to the internet marketing and traffic building game? We highly recommend that you review our SMART PLAN internet marketing package which we find satisfies virtually every client that wants to get started in internet marketing.

Internet Marketing Services

We recommend that you speak with one of our representatives to help build a successful game blue print that caters to your business and budgetary needs.

The following list of services will help grow your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Toronto

Also known as SEO or Organic Optimization, Search Engine Optimization has been one of the hottest buzzwords of the 21st century. Getting your company ranked on the natural side of search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing is the most cost effective item a company can do today to generate business online. The million dollar question is who can do this right? Learn more about how we work here or visit our search engine optimization blog to see how we think. Learn More...

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Management Toronto

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood ways of delivering highly targeted traffic to your website, pay per click done right can make an incredible impact on your company. Google Adwords and other paid search engines allow you to advertise keywords relevant to your business and ensure they only come up in areas you service, during scheduled times and at your own budget. Begin reading about the TechWyse pay per click management service and you will quickly see the importance of working with a winning internet marketing firm. Learn More...

Local Business Advertising

Local Business Advertising Service

Local business advertising has become more relevant to search engine marketing because in most cases, it is listed at the very top of many searches conducted. Making sure your business is found in a prominent position under both your company name and relevant keywords should be paramount to your business. Knowing the rules can mean the difference between a well positioned business listing on Google, Yahoo! and Bing and one that can be dropped for various SPAM related reasons. The TechWyse ‘local business listing’ service can get you added in minutes. Talk to us to learn more. Learn More...

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Toronto

Email marketing is one of the best ways to keep your business in the minds of interested consumers. An email marketing campaign launched properly can improve brand recognition, close that sale from the visitor that was on the fence, can display new products to interested prospects and can help remind people who you are. That is why we developed a state of the art email marketing program we call – WHICHABAM! Need help building an effective campaign? We don’t just give you the keys to the system and walk away. Instead we work with you to help you get setup, build your list and market properly. That is what full service internet marketing companies do right? You can learn more about some of our success in email marketing or go straight to the dedicated WHICHABAM! website! Learn More...

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Toronto

Social media management is the fastest growing internet marketing service available today. Think of it as a way to develop your following online and bring your readership closer to you by becoming more personalized than ever before. The question is – who is going to manage your online persona? Our Social Angel service will ensure your company is represented properly online. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, & YouTube are all areas that we will help to bring you up to date. Get in touch with us or visit our Social Marketing section to learn more. Learn More...

Need Further Information?

We encourage you to visit each section to gain a detailed understanding of each of our internet marketing services or call us to learn how these services can be put to action for your individual needs at 1.866.410.7090.

Information OVERLOAD?

Learn about our SMART PLAN and learn how we can build your business online. Right Now. Today.


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