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Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design

A landing page is designed for a single purpose. Landing pages often focus on a single product, service, or objective such as getting leads. Landing pages are often associated with specific marketing campaigns, in which media and traffic driving efforts direct people to a common page, focused around that campaign. This helps ensure you are creating a personalized user experience.

It is quite common for someone to create landing pages for their Paid Search campaigns, like Google Ads. It’s important to ensure that the content and topic of the ad effectively correlates with the content on the page.

Want to create an ad campaign focused on blue widgets?

Create a landing page that focuses on blue widgets!

Running a contest?

Create a landing page dedicated to it!

Landing Pages help keep user experience focused on the objective you want them to accomplish, rather than drive them to other pages on your site that may distract them.

Don’t worry, we make these responsive, too! You can drive people to landing pages on their mobile phone through useful tools like QR Codes, printed on your brochure or business card.

Benefits of Landing Pages

  • Focused-Objective
  • Goal-Oriented
  • Conversion-Friendly
  • Mobile-Ready
  • SEO and Google Ads-Friendly