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Open Me Later: Google Chrome Extension

Your browser could be one-step ahead of you with our Open Me Later extension for Google Chrome.

Open Me Later manages the websites and pages you use daily, weekly and monthly. This tool allows you to schedule how and when new windows or tabs to open in your browser. Have a daily or weekly routine where you visit a website? Use Open Me Later to pull up the pages you need, when you need them.

The possibilities for this extension are endless – you might even use it to pull a prank on your friends by opening up random windows Chrome! It’s customizable features allow you to better manage your browser and online activities for recurring or one-time only reminders. It’s easy-to-use interface make it a great add-on for your home or office Google Chrome browser.

We’ve created this extension to make digital task-management easier, and to offer convenience for accessing the websites and pages you frequent.

Help Tour

Take a look at this video tour of Open Me Later to learn more about the many features of this Google Chrome extension. We run you through why we created Open Me Later, as well as how to download and use the extension, and how to customize it to best suit your needs.

Open Me Later:

Google Chrome Extension

About Open Me Later: Google Chrome Extension

Open Me Later is not only useful for task management, but also for staying up-to-date on your choice of online entertainment.

Open Me Later offers customizable features to suit your specifications. It’s extension icon is a working analog clock, conveniently accessible at the top right of your Google Chrome browser. Pick the month, day and time that you’d like to open a website or page, going as far ahead in the future as you need. You can choose to open a presentation from your work browser every Monday afternoon, or to open a news website late morning every Sunday from your home browser, for example.

You can select to open the website or page in a new tab or window, and choose when you’d like the action to occur, whether it’s daily, weekly or one-time only. Manage the websites and pages you choose to open in the extension’s interface by easily adding new ones, or removing unwanted actions.

Open Me Later lets your browser do the work for you, and keeps your schedule on track. If you spend most of your day working on a computer, Open Me Later allows you to have a better handle on your day and eliminates the possibility of forgetting important tasks. If you’re using this tool from home, you’ll be able to quickly load live-streams and entertainment websites on a schedule.

The tool’s other features include feedback, help and social sharing. Directly enter URLs, or have Open Me Later save the webpage you’re currently on.

Take a Tour Open Me Later: Google Chrome Extension

With Open Me Later, your Google Chrome browser reminds you of upcoming tasks and routine online activities. Take a tour through Open Me Later’s many features. From scheduling the websites and pages you want to visit to managing your browser and sharing on social media, this tool allows you to tailor your online experience.


Open Me Later’s unique features make it the ultimate tool for anyone looking to save time, be reminded of their tasks or manage their online activities. This extension is built to be tailored to your specifications, depending on how and when you want your websites and pages to open. Some of Open Me Later’s most unique features include:

  • New tab or window:

    The “New Tab” and “New Window” buttons allow you to decide how you want websites or pages to open. “New Tab” is beneficial if your reminder will take place in the middle of the work day, for example, and you’d like the page to appear without distracting you from other activities. A “New Window” will likely take over your current workspace, which is beneficial if you are scheduling it for first thing in the morning, or for an important event or meeting. These options allow you to choose how you’re reminded of your tasks, and how you access selected websites and pages.

  • Frequency:

    Open Me Later offers you control over when your selected websites or pages open in your home or office browser, giving you a better handle on your day, week or month. If you’d like a page to appear for a weekly meeting, or if you’d like to catch an online entertainment program Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week, for example, Open Me Later provides you with the flexibility to schedule tasks at your convenience. Choosing the frequency in which you’d like Open Me Later to open your specified websites and pages ensures your Google Chrome browser will always know your schedule before you do.

  • Date and time:

    Your schedule likely changes from day to day, and maybe even hour-to-hour. Open Me Later allows you to have a better grasp on your tasks and more easily manage your schedule. You can easily select the month and day, going as far into the future as you’d like. You can use Open Me Later on your home or office computer, and schedule reminders for the weekend or during the workweek. The extension’s 24 hour clock ensures Open Me Later is staying up to date with your schedule. Open Me Later’s scheduling flexibility make it the most convenient option for your digital task management.

Open Me Later: Google Chrome Extension