WWW thought process for building Websites

website-build-process There are umpteen things to consider when building a Website. Each person will have his own ideas on this subject from design, build, interactivity and so on. What I wanted to share with everyone is nothing more than a thought process one should engage himself, before proceeding to create a website.

This is something that is rarely done properly.  Its more about asking yourselves questions. The answers are usually the easy thing to answer. So why bother asking what you know or can easily find? The answer is simple; it helps you to organize what you want to build and ensure that you do the exploration necessary to uncover any future requirements. 

Moving forward, lets look into the thought process which I am going to refer to as the "WWW Thought Process". This is not an established process, theory or assumption but something that I thought about in the past in my regular experience here at TechWyse. It also helps in classifying the steps involved. The naming sounds apt as we are developing the website for the world wide web. Expanded, the "WWW" as per my thought process stands for

  1. W – Why you need a Website?
  2. W – Who exactly are your target viewers?
  3. W – What features do you want to offer on your Website?

1. Why you need a Website?

This the primary question you should ask yourselves. In most cases, the answer will be "I want to promote my business online". What you need to think about is, what to focus upon by which you can gain success when promoting online. What do I offer?, What strengths of mine should I focus on?, What’s lacking in the competitions websites?, What promotional offers can I do?, What will attract the customers? and so on. This can be used as groundwork for gathering information to put on your website.  Properly done, it will help you to categorize your website into different pages, sub-pages and thereby helping you to form a site with proper framework.

2. Who exactly are your target viewers?

This is an important question you should ask yourselves if you are planning on promoting your website. This involves identifying the potential viewers based on

  • Geographical Location
  • Age Group
  • Sex
  • Specialization / Industry

This classification will vary between businesses. What makes this thought process vital is, the web is vast and infinite, targeting the everyone means you are targetting no one.  Its always best to concentrate on potential viewers who can be converted to sales. Its best to lay the foundation first and then branch out. That way the yield will always be plenty.

3. What features do you want to offer on your website?

Finally, you should ask yourselves, "what will make your website stand out among the rest of the pack." This is very crucial and should be carefully thought out. Doing a competitor analysis will always prove beneficial. Questions to ponder include:

  • Should I use image galleries/ video galleries?
  • Should newsletter / RSS subscription be offered?
  • Should I use a quick contact to initiate inquiries?
  • Should I enable an ecommerce site for online sales?
  • Should a search feature be present?
  • Should I opt for CMS to manage the website?

The features that you can deploy are limitless.. The question that you should really ask is, "what features will be beneficial to the people visiting the website and what features will be beneficial for you in managing the website."

If your competitor lacks a win-win feature opt for it, if he has it, think of improving upon it to make it more user-friendly.

To summarize; when creating a successful website you need to satisfy not only your requirements but also satisfy the needs of the viewer by way of information, usability and accessibility. So by thinking on the visitors behalf you can build a plan to develop a successful website catering to both your needs and the visitors.

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    Hi Ann, am glad to know that you liked the post. Concerning your query to traffic building, there are lots of ways to get it happening. I am listing some below.

    1. Sites with Genuine Content well optimized for search engines. This will help you achieve organic rankings and via searches help people come to your site. This might not happen overnight but should always be the starting point.
    2. Blogs / Forums: These platforms will allow you to build up a community and the interaction between users will slowly bring traffic.
    3. Social Networking: this is the in thing now. Make use of the networking sites like Digg, delicious etc, get discussions going on. If you have media like photos or videos use flickr, youtube etc to get mileage via user comments.
    4. PPC – you end up paying. but properly done will help you get leads.

    These are just few options to help you build traffic. You need to slowly work on them. I am sure you can find more detailed posts on each of the subjects mentioned in our blog. Utimately ensure that your site will capture the right traffics attention. This will help you to convert some of them to potential leads as well as make others return to your site.

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    The thought process is important. Good points. How does one now build traffic? Got any other ideas?
    I will check the rest of your site. So far I have only found sites that want to sell me stuff on building traffic.

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    Good and informative post. We’ve got big dreams of the success of our new website after all we’ve put blood, sweat, and tears into it. Every website owners’ ultimate aim is the success of his website. And the very beginning starts with these thought processes. One should recognize the goals and reasons for being online, and this plus marketing efforts pushes our site ahead.

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    Ofcourse, anyone building a website should always be asking the first main question – why am I building this website? Usually its to generate leads or make sales. From there its a top down approach to make it happen. I believe I wrote a nice blog post that leads into this very well here: http://risetothetop.techwyse.com/website-conversion/building-a-fantastic-sales-funnel-for-your-website/

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    Nice, concise and informative article. A good reference for any level of designers. Expect many more from you, PG! Great working with you a man of such wisdom!

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    Prashant, it is unbelievable, how important the thought process is if applied properly in the building of a business website.

    There are many rules someone should observe if he want to go online. You said it in a professional way to launch a website.

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    Hi Prashant
    You have successfully delved intothe basics that one should pay heed to before embarking on a successful web development process. These suggestions if followed will surely drive relevant traffic to a site. This, however is not the end. To me converting the traffic is incredibly important. You probably might have reserved this information for your next installment though right? :)

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    You have taught the very basics of a successful website building process. It’s very informative and useful and should prove beneficial to every one wanting to develop a website. Hats off to you and hope more of these articles are in the pipeline. :)

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    Excellent post Prashant. You’ve given a good overview of the topic. It often happens that when business websites are designed, visitor preferences are rarely paid to while companies go over and beyond in being a notch above their competitor. Really they need to look through the visitor’s eyes too while designing websites. Else there is a real chance that visitors will remain visitors!

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    Exactly Prashant, if we can chalk out the process in line, it really helps us to explore other unvisited areas, leading to more innovative ways of getting better websites.

    Great post!


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