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What Is The Difference Between A Mobile And Responsive Website?

Before we get into the difference between a mobile and responsive website, along with the benefits of a “Responsive Website” I would like you to take note of the device you are reading this blog on. Most of you are likely on your computer; however, I suspect a large number of viewers are on a tablet or a mobile device (smart phone). I did ask this question for a reason, I assure you! It is estimated that by the year 2015, local mobile searches will surpass local desktop searches. What does this mean? Your website design will need be optimized to be viewed not only on a desktop, but all possible devices users will be navigating through your website on.

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Developers did recognize this trend several years ago, with that in mind came the launch of the “mobile website”. The purpose of a mobile website is self-explanatory, a version of your website that is designed to be user friendly when viewed from a mobile device (smart phone). Less information and content, easier to navigate through, larger buttons, phone numbers that could be clicked on to place a phone call, etc.

Below is a sample of a full website and a mobile website that TechWyse designed and built. There is a script on the website that recognizes what device the user is visiting the website from and will display the mobile version if the user is viewing on smart phone.


Though mobile websites proved to be very popular for a short period of time, they had their setbacks, which in turn revolutionized what is referred to now as a “responsive website build“. A mobile website is in fact a different version of your website. You will notice in most cases the site will redirect to a mobile version. The mobile site generally provides you with the option to link back to the full website; however, this means there are two versions of your website on the web. This also means updating content in two places, optimizing two versions of the site, mainly managing two pieces of website property rather than maintaining one. Since the point of a mobile website is to nicely fit a smart phone, a dedicated mobile site generally lacks the majority of the main website’s content. To summarize, mobile websites, while they did serve their purpose had some setbacks that were overcome with the idea of a responsive website!

What is a responsive website? It is simple, there is only one version of your website and the websites’ design will “respond” to whatever device you are viewing it on. In most cases, large images that are not necessary on a small screen will compact or disappear, content, articles and other elements on the page will neatly stack themselves on top of one another to accommodate the screen you are viewing it on. Let’s take Oakville Chiropractic as an example. When you view the website on a desktop, you will see the following version:

Now, take a look at the same website on your smart phone. You will see it is the same website (no redirect occurs); however, all content and elements exist, they are just re-organized to respond the device you are viewing the site on:

Now that you have read this article and understand what a “responsive website” is, you will notice them everywhere! The industry is making a shift towards this type of build. We have also seen positive results in search engine rankings and expect this trend to continue! Here is a list of our latest responsive launches:

If you are interested in a responsive website, you have options!

  1. Convert your current website to a responsive build. Simply contact one of our sales representatives and we can provide you on a quote. In order to provide an accurate quote, we will need your FTP and Hosting details. Call us at 416-410-7090.
  2. If you are looking for a new responsive design but budget conscious, talk to one of our sales representatives about our template responsive websites. We offer a variety of designs, colour schemes and modules. For more information, call us at 416-410-7090.
  3. If you are ready for a new, custom responsive website, please talk to one of our sales representatives about your requirements at 416-410-7090.

You might be asking why our full website isn’t responsive, we are working on it! At this point, it’s just the blog! We will keep you updated on the success of our responsive launch!

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