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Choosing The Right Colour For Your Website

Colour plays a very important role while designing your website. It can impact your website visitor experience and your final return on investment. A website’s effectiveness as a sales tool can be greatly affected by simply changing its colours.

All of us are aware that it is more difficult to read text on a monitor than it is on paper, so we should be very careful while choosing the colours for a website. Some colour combinations are very hard on the eye, such as a yellow text on green background. The reason you see black text on a white background so often is that it is the easiest colour combination to read, both on and offline.

We need to realize that some colours evoke different emotions.

For instance:

Colours also have both positive and negative associations.

Some common colour associations are listed below:


Positive: Sense of power, strength, action, passion, and love
Negative: Anger, forcefulness, danger, impatience, violence and revenge

Positive: Brightness, warmth and joy
Negative: Caution and warning

Positive: Cool and tranquil, patience, comfort, loyalty and security
Negative: Fear, coldness, passivity and depression

Positive: Warmth, friendliness and cheerfulness, excitement and energy
Negative: Ignorance

Positive: Nature, growth, freshness and soothing
Negative: Envy, greed, guilt and jealousy

Positive: Dramatic, sophisticated and stylish, serious
Negative: Evil and death

Positive: Pure, fresh, easy, cleanliness or goodness
Negative: Blind, winter, cold, distant

A major goal in marketing is to evoke emotion in your audience. By choosing the colours for your website with care, you can evoke an emotional response that will increase sales.

As a general rule, one primary colour and two secondary colours should be chosen. These colors should be based on the specific target market you want to attract. If more than two or three colours are used websites tend to look chaotic, and the power of any one colour. The best advice is to keep it as simple as possible.

In designing your business website your color choice is vital. Be sure to try different colours, different shades, and different combinations before you make your final choice.

So the choice is yours whether you want your site to be one of the most visited website with a maximum return on investment.

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