Why Build Your Company Website Using WordPress?

wordpress-cms Well everyone knows WordPress as the most clean and innovative open source blog available. It’s being used by thousands of web developers and business owners across the world. But considering it is light, flexible and user friendly, it has become a favorite tool for creating CMS based websites.

The purpose for writing this blog is to help anyone that is interested in learning why WordPress is more than just blog software.  In fact, if planned properly, WordPress can be used as the foundation piece for the content management system of your corporate website.

Why Use WordPress as a CMS?

  1. The biggest reason: WordPress is open source with a strong development base and even stronger support community.
  2. Plug-ins: WordPress has a huge array of plugins that can be added to the site with ease. Currently this plugin database has 3,880 plug-ins.  Simply put – any feature you can think of is more or less available or can be customized to meet your requirement.
  3. Financial: WordPress saves you time and money because of the available modules and themes.  New modules or plug-ins developed by you can be reused and also shared with community of WordPress users.

Things To Consider When Considering WordPress

  1. First of all make sure you have clarity on the site requirements and what it is you want to do with it. What are the functionalities you want to implement? Also make sure to glimpse into the future for future requirements.
  2. Now decide whether your requirements are achievable via WordPress.
  • Are the requirements readily available?
  • Are plug-ins available for the features required? If they are not will a customization of a plug-in work?
  • How hard will it be to integrate your requirements in WordPress.

     3.  How user friendly will it be for the end user to manage the site using the backend and features you have added on.

I can tell you that from my own experience WordPress will work perfectly at saving you vast amounts of money and also future administrative issues.  While these are all valid considerations I believe that if developed properly WordPress can be incredibly valuable in launching your website efficiently and with maximum flexibility.

The favored plug-ins that will help you build your CMS site using WordPress.

Make sure to check out my upcoming post where I examine my top 15 WordPress Plugins!

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    Over the years, we have designed, developed  and deployed hundreds if not thousands of websites for small to mi-sized businesses and non-profits. In all but a few cases those websites were built around the WordPress content management system and not one time have we heard back from anyone that they wish we had steered them in another direction.

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    Well thought out site, sir! Thanks!

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    WordPress is so easy to handle and can be even a very mighty tool if it’s used correctly.

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    I have heard so much about WordPress mainly positive! I am just starting to use WordPress so I am not to familiar with everything that it does and all, but from what I have been reading everybody makes it sound so easy to get started, so I am hoping that will be the case. Thanks for posting information on this, it has been really helpful!

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    Now that wordpress 3 is out.. I fully agree with what this article is saying… even more so.

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    Well wordpress is the most easiest in terms of both ways. For a coder he has to work only on 6 different files: Archives.php, Page.php, sidebar, home/index and blog. Also for clients its learning just 3 things, how to post, how to add pages and add plugins.

    Thats it. So its the most flexible and powerful yet the most simplest of them all comparing with Drupal, expression engine etc.

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    So, is this website made from WordPress?

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    Agreed Grette, WordPress’ highly adaptable compatibility makes it a unique choice for bloggers around the world. It is so easy to compile, compose & connect, especially seeing how nice the WP 2.7 is. With WordPress lots of plug-ins and templates available so we don’t need to be a PHP master to have a nice looking site with lots of features.

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    @jag – the upgrade is the most easiest one i have seen… i had come across lot of CMS’s over the years, but when it comes to upgrading they lacked the easiness that wordpress offered.

    I really love the new admin interface of wordpress.

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    You can also say that wordpress is easy to upgrade

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    Even a kid can get started blogging on WordPress.com, its that much easy. If blogging is your only passion, go ahead with wordpress even if you have no idea about what HTML, CSS, PHP, FTP, MySQL is, and you do not want to waste your time backing up, upgrading and worrying about blog security. WordPress takes care of such things. I love to use wordpress plugins! it has such wonderful features.

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    WordPress is a great program and CMS to use.

    Very flexible, a huge community and lots of neat little plugins to make it really extendible.

    Nice one


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