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An Easy to Follow Check List for New WordPress Sites

Website Design July 6th, 2012


After setting up a new WordPress site you’ll want to be sure you’re putting everything into place to ensure your website will be both successful and well received. There are lots of things important to your website being successful, both behind the scenes and the design and visual aspects too. So here is our checklist – which will hopefully ensure you’re getting your site off to a great start.

Install anti-Spam

Akismet is a fantastic anti-spam on WordPress, and you’ll want to make sure that this is successfully installed on your blog. Akismet can filter out any unwanted spam and is extremely accurate at doing so. It’ll keep you from spam comments and emails, which makes your blog better for your readers.

Check your Permalinks

There is an option to set your permalinks within the dashboard of a WordPress website, and it is definitely worth taking the time to adjust this from the default setting. You’ll want to set your settings so that your permalinks and URLs are set to the name of the post of article on the webpage. That way – when people are searching for these words and phrases Google is more likely going to point them in your direction.

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Set up Feedburner

Setting up Feedburner gives you much more control over your website statistics. It’ll really help you in tracking down where your sight views are coming from and what your target audience is. You can start using the tool easily and quickly from their website – where all you need to do is sign up.

Install a new theme

The best way of setting your WordPress site apart from all the other ones out there is to install a fresh, new theme. There are some great Premium WordPress themes out there for you to have a play with – although they will cost you anywhere between $20 – $60. This is a great investment to make though as you’ll get more control over the appearance of your website and you’ll get to pick one that completely suits your product, business or blog.

Join Gravatar

If you plan on guest blogging on other websites to support your blog, then joining Gravatar is a great idea. It’ll mean that people can recognise you in post you’ve written and articles you’ve submitted on both your own blog and other people’s. If you invite other people to guest blog on your site – you may want to ask them to join to – as it keep the design consistent.

Set up your Discussion Settings

When you start a website or a blog you’ll want to encourage discussion and interaction. There are a few things to remember when doing this though – and you’ll want to have a quick think about your site before you decide which settings you choose. A few things you’ll want to think about are:

– Do you want to attempt to notify any blogs linked to from the article?

– Do you want to allow link notifications from other different blogs (this is called: pingbacks and trackbacks)

– Do you want to allow other people to comment on all posts?

– Do you want to keep a record of commenter’s details? By asking for their email?

– Do you want to pre-approve all comments?

– Do you want to allow photo replies?

Start using Google Analytics

Analytics is a great tool for any website owner (not just WordPress) and can offer you the knowledge and control over your site statistics and analytics online. You may want to read up on how to start using this tool – and how to get the best from it, but once you’re in the know you’ll find it extremely useful. By finding out things like when your page-views are highest and where they’re highest – you’ll be able to tailor your blog to this, and make it more successful.

Post By Jonny Devine (1 Posts)

Jonny Devine has worked in a number of positions including web development and online marketing. He currently works for Ladbrokes.com


Jonny Devine has worked in a number of positions including web development and online marketing. He currently works for Ladbrokes.com
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An Easy to Follow Check List for New WordPress Sites

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