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A Look Forward at 2013 – Where Is Web Design Going Next?

Website Design November 8th, 2012


Since the simple concept of the website first became a major part of our lives years ago, a lot has changed. In the past, websites were designed mostly to show off the latest in this new technology and all it could bring to the table. However, times have begun to change and have found people becoming more used to the internet and the level of convenience it offers.

As a result, websites are becoming sleeker and more efficient. They’re more focused on functionality than they are flash and show. When it comes to visuals, we’re seeing more attention being paid to a streamlined finished and a minimalist point of view as well. Here’s how we can expect these trends to continue into the bright new year of 2013.

Interactivity Will Be Huge

Web design and mobile technology are changing a lot about people’s expectations in regards to the media they absorb, as well as the resources they rely on. Every year, human beings evolve more toward a personalized lifestyle where everything is customized for them.

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Web-based radio and television stations not only play people the music they most want to hear, but they make personalized recommendations in regards to what they might want to check out next. Mobile phone apps effortlessly customize themselves according to the user’s location, preferences, and usage history. As a result, people are expecting the same from the websites they use to an increasing degree.

In 2013, website designers who truly wish to stay ahead of the game will be contouring their designs to fit this preference. More websites will be utilizing scripts that recommend not only onsite content that might fit the user’s needs, but also location-based recommendations such as localized price quotes or local service-finder plug-ins.

Increased Focus on Social Media

It doesn’t take a genius to see that social media is something that’s here to stay. At this point, interfaces like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus are a lot more than simple ways to stay in touch with family and friends. They’re platforms we rely on for news, advice, core social interactions, and much more. This is only expected to become more the case in the years to come, so naturally website design is expected to showcase social media-based interactions to a much greater degree. This trend is also expected to reach and influence web content and services provided by web-based businesses as well.

Fluid Design Options

We’re already seeing a huge increase in the role multiple devices and interfaces are playing in regards to how people access the internet. Website designers are moving away from the old-school static design and adopting methods that are more responsive in nature. This allows for a given site to load well and be usable via any interface whether that’s a standard desktop system, a sleek new iPad, or a mobile phone.

That said, more web designers will be making the switch from the tried and true HTML4 and old-school CSS options and upgrading to CSS3 or HTML5. Sites designed using these programming interfaces are actually able to function more like mobile apps and tablet apps. This allows the site to be viewable, usable, and enjoyable to use across a multitude of different devices and interfaces. By the end of 2013, it’s actually probable that few web designers worth their salt will be using anything else.

In short, the year 2013 will find us moving boldly forward and building upon existing trends in a big way. How exciting it will be to see where web design takes us next!

What website design changes do you see trending?

Post By Matt Dandurand (1 Posts)

Matt Dandurand is the CEO of MediaContour.com, offering web design in Los Angeles, CA.


Matt Dandurand is the CEO of MediaContour.com, offering web design in Los Angeles, CA.
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A Look Forward at 2013 – Where Is Web Design Going Next?

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