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4 Web Page Design Elements To Make Your Page Pop

Website Design March 11th, 2013


Does your web site look like it was designed in 1994? Does it blink at visitors, or play some annoying music? Not good. You need to have a web site that looks current, or visitors will think that you aren’t current. Your site is a reflection of you, and if it’s a bad reflection, it will make readers think less of you.

So the best way to make a positive impression is to have a nice-looking web site that is easy to understand, and easy on the eyes. Here are some tips from on what you can do to have a visually-pleasing page:

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  • Pick an appealing colour scheme: Avoid anything that’s too bright or clashes. If you want to use hot pink in your design, the rest of the colours on the site should really be neutral. Also avoid being too matchy with colours. For example, using five different shades of blue won’t clash, but it will look boring and they won’t contrast well against each other.
  • Display graphics and text in a nice-looking way: You want to keep your text to a minimum on your home page, but if you display text in a visually pleasing way, you don’t have to have a certain number of graphics to balance out the text. There are plenty of minimalistic web sites that successfully use few graphics and are able to display larger blocks of text. As long as it looks good and it’s easy to follow along, there’s no set rule for this.
  • Use whitespace on your page: Whitespace is sort of controversial between designers and clients. Designers tend to love it, but clients are often afraid it will be boring. The benefits of whitespace are it improves legibility, since the visitor knows exactly what they should be reading. It will also make calls to action and navigation pop on the page since there isn’t much else for your eye to travel to. When poorly designed this can be boring, yes, but when properly executed, it’s one of the simplest and most effective ways to draw a visitor’s attention where you want it to go.
  • Make sure your site’s elements load quickly on all platforms: You can have the best-looking site design in the world, but if it takes too long to load, your visitors will go elsewhere. So make sure you test your site to see that it shows up quickly not just on web platforms like Internet Explorer and Firefox, but on mobile platforms as well as tablet computers.

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Post By Lisa Swan (1 Posts)

Lisa Swan writes for a variety of SEO and social media sites. Her Twitter account is @lisa_swan.


Lisa Swan writes for a variety of SEO and social media sites. Her Twitter account is @lisa_swan.
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4 Web Page Design Elements To Make Your Page Pop

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