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Weekly Conversion Tip: Understanding Buyer Personas

Website Conversion October 7th, 2010



Understanding Buyer PersonasI’m going to say it right off the bat:  I’m excited about this blog post!  This is a gem I’ve been wanting to write about for a while and I’ve decided that now is a good a time as any to go into it.  I’m going to be looking at buyer personas so that we can better understand the goals and moods of our website visitors.  OK, let’s dig in!


The spontaneous buyer shops with gusto.  They rush in, find something and get out.  This is typically your more impatient visitor with less concern for choosing the perfect item.  They tend to buy best sellers, featured products and new releases as they’re fast and easy purchases to make.  Make sure these items are front and center and easy to find for this visitor type.


This buyer is all about the human interactive experience.  They check ratings, read reviews and communicate with friends and family on what to buy.  They often head straight for the new releases section and then proceed to ask everyone what they think of each one before making a final purchase.  Make no mistake, they don’t do this out of a lack of confidence in their own decision making, they do it for the personal experience.


Methodicals are well organized, careful planners who think things through in steps.  Instead of clicking on impulse, they know what they’ve come for and they demand that you provide them with the tools to find it in a logical manner.  This persona will head for your categories, arrange the results by author and further filter by price in order to make a careful choice.  Cleanly broken down categories and subcategories with logical search and results display tools are what this visitor craves.


Competitives like to shop by comparing products against each other by feature and price and then comparing your products and prices VS those of other companies.  This persona enjoys the feeling of control and power that comes with outsmarting the system and finding the best deal.

As you can see, there is a lot to think about.  Whether you're planning a new website or wanting to improve your existing one, trying moving browsing with one of these personas in mind, taking notes, and then moving on to the next one.  I promise that you’ll find something worth improving!

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Weekly Conversion Tip: Understanding Buyer Personas

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