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How To Keep Your Traffic Coming Back For More

Website Conversion February 17th, 2009


For many ‘business driven’ websites, the ultimate aim of all your efforts is to draw in visitors and either generate a lead or sale online.  But how do you get them to keep coming back for a 2nd, 3rd, & 10th time?

The Value of a Repeat Customer

Several surveys have revealed that customer acquisition is an expensive affair.  What this points to is the need to create a breed of loyal customers who would turn to you every time they need to make a purchase related to what you do. After all, repeat customers are known to buy a broader range of products and spend more lavishly as compared to one- time buyers. Larger spending means more business and carries the twin advantage of insulating you from the customer – creation expenses and also helps recoup your initial marketing expenses faster. Plus  a satisfied customer will more likely refer your site to his friends and relatives. Studies have revealed that on average a satisfied customer tells a minimum three of his friends about a product or service they like- – viral marketing at its best.

We all know that the best clients are the ones that keep coming back and/or send their friends as well!   Here is my list of ways to keep your visitors coming back for more!

Know Who Your Clients and Prospects Are

A great way to create a breed of loyal customers and assure repeat purchases is to keep track of your prospects, one time customers,  and repeat clients and maintain regular contact. For this, maintaining a profile of your customers is a must. You should update them with new products, product innovations, incentives, discounts etc that are being offered, in a way create and maintain personal rapport with your customers. A personalized approach is sure to create a tight bond with your one time customer and turn him in to repeat customer. How do you keep in contact with these different segments?

Drip Marketing Keeps Your Clients Listening

We have all received messages by way of email in the past.  In some cases the message is SPAM but others are opt-in programs that we have signed up for at one time.  A well constructed email marketing campaign gives your list focussed and relevant information.  In my segmentation example above, I mentioned having different groups depending on behaviour.  If you have the time, marketing to these different segments can help generate business without the huge marketing cost that is usually associated with developing a one time buyer.

Incentive Schemes

How about devising a method of rewarding your repeat customers with discounts ranging from say 5 % for second purchase, 7 % for third purchase and a flat 10 % for all future purchases made? This is a great way to promote ongoing business.  For ecommerce sites what about offering a discount for multiple purchases or free shipping?  These are called recommendation engines.  We have seen Amazon manage this perfectly.

Customer Care Breeds Loyalty

You should also take care to provide exemplary customer care support and address the genuine needs and concerns of your customers.  Since online is still a relatively new medium making sure that you are on board with client interaction can do wonders in reducing any visitor concerns.   With all that  competition around, good customer care support can often be the biggest measurement tool in deciding whether leave information or a make that purchase.

Offer a Generous Guarantee

For ecommerce web sites, online businesses often offer their customers a generous return policy.  An open return policy along with exemplary testimonials helps create a buzz about your company and inspires buyer confidence.

Ultimately your online business success should hinge on your ability to bring visitors to your website and turn them in to customers. Let us not forget that this is the priority of your business! Focus should shift from the single objective of attracting one time customers to the twin objective developing a breed of repeat loyal repeat customers. If this is achieved it can greatly impact on the continued commercial success of your online marketing efforts.

Now it’s your turn.  Think about your own website property.  Are you inspiring the confidence and business systems necessary to continually improve online?  If not – you may find your reasons in this article!

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How To Keep Your Traffic Coming Back For More

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