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Increase Time On Site And Increase Business

Website Conversion January 21st, 2009


To most online marketers, driving traffic to a website is considerIncrease Time On Site & Increase Businessed the ultimate aim of your internet marketing plan! Site owners tend to measure the success of their online business by the amount of traffic they are able to generate. This however, is often not accurate. Driving traffic and getting visitors no doubt is of paramount importance; but then, this is only half the battle and should not be the sole yardstick to measure the success of your website.

What benefit will you get from a visitor who comes to your website only to click the back button and leave? Have you thought for a moment how successful you have been in making a visitor spend a considerable amount of time on your website and drive your visitor to a predetermined end goal? Have you done a measurement overview of your site and analyzed the amount of time that a visitor stays on your website? Have you realized that there is a direct correlation between the amount of time spent on your website and its success?

Reduce Bounce Rates & Get Peoples Attention!

Online success hinges on the ability to compel visitors to stay longer on your website and complete the end goal. Ultimately it all boils down to the very fact that online success will depend not merely on the amount of traffic your website is able to generate but on the amount of time a visitor spends on your website and takes positive action like subscribing to a newsletter, making a purchase, book marking your site, contacting you for further information etc.  These are actions that can only be done if the visitor stays long enough to notice! As each and everyone who comes to your website will ultimately leave, you need to make them stay as long as possible and take a positive action that helps you engage them.

How to Engage Visitors for Longer periods

How do you go about making the visitor stay longer on your website and ensure the success of your online business? The biggest contributor would be to offer fresh, relevant and unique content that can generate an awareness and interest in your site thus making the visitor stay longer. Adding video, audio, graphics, giving the opportunity to take print outs, inducing them to participate in a survey in exchange for free gifts etc would all be ideal options to consider in making the visitor get interested and attracted to your site.

Plan Your Website Before Developing it!

Your website design should catch the attention of your visitor and should be pleasing to the eye. Your website should load fast as most visitors are impatient and would rather click the back button if it takes too long. Always ensure that you are offering your website visitor a professional website that has gone through a thorough planning & development, landing page development, & sales funnel development analysis. This planning is often the most overlooked area when developing a site.  Put your time and effort into this and you will see the results of this in your conversion volumes.  To learn more about website conversion I highly recommend the recently released article about Sales Funnels.

Once completed – Google analytics is a useful tool to measure the time spent by a visitor on your website.

By making your visitors stay engaged for longer periods on your website, the odds of generating a positive impact and inducing an action are far better! The onus is on you to provide the needed inputs to ensure that this is completed properly. If you are successful in engaging your visitors for longer periods you stand a greater chance that the visitor will take the actions you want him to take. This ultimately is the sure fire method to assure the success of your online business.

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Increase Time On Site And Increase Business

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