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How An About Us Page Can Improve Website Sales

Website Conversion October 23rd, 2008


Is your ‘About Us’ page doing all it can for your company?

Are you simply cramming your website with a laundry list of items that helped you get to where you are now?  Did you ever realize when someone does a search for your company that the ‘find’ usually ends up being your root domain and then your ‘about’ page?  Many people do not realize that the ‘About Us’ page is about conversion and persuasion. The ‘About Us’ page is usually your first or last opportunity to give enough information about your company to that potential new client.

Let us dissect the why’s and how’s of ‘About Us’ pages

Why an ‘About Us’ page

Business segments love to hype themselves. An ‘About Us’ page gives you a tremendous opportunity to speak about your company with many prospective customers. That doesn’t mean stacking a massive collection of ‘about me’ on your website. Through this page you can showcase your ‘spirit of service’ and solid credibility of doing business .

What is the ‘About Us’ page

In a transaction focused business realm ‘human communication’ is now much more limited then it used to be. But human beings have an innate tendency to connect with other humans interpersonally. We are utilizing that power of basic human psychology in our ‘about us’ page; it acts as a control point for your website. When a visitor lands on your ‘about us’ page, he/she is giving you chance to talk to him/her about your company’s stance in the industry. That doesn’t mean you get to bore them with your personal excitement. Provide pointed information about your company and why you are a credible force to work with.

How the ‘About Us’ page

A nicely constructed ‘About Us’ page can put a human element to your company when compared to the other technical or procedural pages on your site. A craftily written page can encourage some serious buying decisions to certain visitors. You can carve out a customer- centric content for your ‘about us’ by following questions that customer want answers to:
  • Why your company?
  • How is your company structured?
  • What kind of company am I dealing with?
  • What is the goal of your company?
  • Why would I deal with you?
  • How are you different from others?
  • Why should I trust you? 

What your ‘About Us’ page would be

By incorporating the following means in your ‘About Us’ page you can reiterate your company’s competence to serve the customers in a more direct manner.
Add photos of your company employees since humans are attracted to humans.
Tell your company’s story and your credentials too.
A short company history timeline is a great way to emphasize achievements without braggadocio. Willow Beach Cottages does a nice job with this, it links a story segment on it’s ‘About Us’ page.
Reflect your company’s personality. If you’re a fun company, your ‘About Us’ page should underline it.

If you’re a technology provider, your ‘about us’ may be like this: http://www.acrolab.com/english/about-us.php

Reflect your company’s passion of service. Check out GT Health ‘About Us’ page.

Another thing you can do  is divide your ‘About Us’ page into segments.  Here is the TechWyse ‘About’ page.  Note the segmentation at the bottom of each page.
To conclude, a lot of ‘About Us’ pages are, essentially a waste of HTML. Offer pointed information to your visitors and you will experience a higher degree of conversion for your website.

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How An About Us Page Can Improve Website Sales

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