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How Testimonials Can Help Improve Conversion

Website Conversion February 11th, 2009


testimonials-conversion One of the common elements that run through all successful websites is the existence of a “testimonials”section. Why has a “testimonials" link become an indispensable part of every successful website development and website marketing process? The answer – testimonials build credibility, confidence and trust and dispel uncertainty and mistrust that most people could conceivably entertain about online products and services.

Increased Sales & Conversions

As usual, we always speak highly of the products / services we offer over the internet; but the fact remains that visitors are often skeptical. Prospective customers would prefer to believe what others would have to say about your services. After all we human beings tend to imitate; it is called the principle of social proof. It is then that we realize the value of what others have said about our products and services and the impression it has helped to build in the minds of prospective customers. All successful websites have realized the ability of testimonials to sway the mind of a customer and have made use of it to build credibility and trust. This in turn, leads to increased website conversion and sales.

Testimonials are considered the “secret sales force” and should be given due weight at the very website planning and development stage itself.


Drives Away Online Shopping Concerns

Another issue related to online shopping is that we can neither touch nor feel the product. Our knowledge is restricted to what is mentioned in the website content and the imagery we choose! (for more on this visit our blog about the importance of imagery!). There is no way to judge the veracity of the product description or its owner. Under these circumstances, we would have second thoughts of buying online. But if we find that someone else has bought the product and has only good words to describe it, our doubts would vanish and we are more apt to buy the product.

The Way to Write a Testimonial

Testimonials must be detailed and should preferably contain the name of the client, domain and contact details.   The more you offer the visitor the more credible the testimonial is!  Adding a photo would carry additional weight. The testimonial should clearly state the product description as mentioned in the website and matches with the actual product that the company.  Be honest – find clients that offer a true respresentation of what your products / services do and have them tell a story!

Including Audios & Videos in Testimonials

Some websites include audio or video testimonials as a way to impress prospective clients. This is highly effective as visitors can watch and hear satisfied clients speak about their experience and their impressions on the listed product / service

Make your testimonials your secret weapon!  For visitors that will never meet you or are learning about your for the first time, testimonials help build trust.  Testionials will help you in building your Website Marketing & Promotion activities.  Along with many other items relating to website conversion, testimonials will assure the ultimate success of your online business.

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How Testimonials Can Help Improve Conversion

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