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Website Conversion For Your Website

Website Conversion May 25th, 2007



While going through my notes for a recent University course I took called "Applications of Psychology" I realized that it fit in extremely well with buyer behaviour and internet advertising! Anyhow, although I wrote this for my own purposes here is an excerpt that I thought I would share… Advertisers have found a new means of communication to their potential customers — the internet! One survey noted that 40% of internet users are online primarily for shopping. Even users who do not make their purchases online find it is a useful method to gather to information on goods and services. Regardless of the high rate of online buyers, a large portion of website owners report disappointment due to their website responses. Things to consider for wouldbe companies advertising on the web:

  • 85% of online shoppers report a lack of customer service when purchasing online and another 68% want the ability to contact a salesperson. (to ask questions of course – as 40% of websites don’t provide this information.) Get ahead of the game and provide an easy contact form on every page of your website, not just the contact page! Another useful tip is to include a phone number or email address in the top banner of your website so users have easy access to the information.
  • 51% of online purchases are cancelled just before the completion of the sale due to a request for too much personal information. What can you do? Try and limit the length of the order forms or the amount of required information. Stick to only the necessary fields to install trust in your users. You don’t want to scare them off. In today’s day and age, most of us are skeptical about giving our personal information due to security issues.
  • 44% of online buyers report changing their mind about purchasing a product/service online because they cannot see and handle the item. How can you keep this group of potential buyers interested? Be sure to post clear and detailed descriptions and images of your goods/services throughout your website site. Including images from different angles and distances will also put more trust in the product. If size is important, provide images that compare standard sized well known objects to your product. Also remember to include dimensions when necessary!
  • 15% online shoppers worry about the delivery time. What can you do? The obvious answer is to make sure you send the item out on time. Also, include some type of guarantee to your buyer that ensures on time delivery or FREE! Another method that works is offering some type of free gift if item is not on time.
  • 10% of former online buyers don’t shop online because they simply enjoy shopping in person. To decrease the gap between your online store and an actual store it is useful to implement interactive communication tools throughout your website that allows your consumer base to converse.Some great tools to consider are:
    • a Blog,
    • a Forum,
    • consumer testimonials,
    • warm colors for your design,
    • welcoming images and more.

Blogs and forums are useful for constantly and efficiently updating casual information to the website on a daily basis. This keeps users informed and allows them to communicate regularly with each other. Testimonials from consumers should be added and dated regularly so potential clients know the current status of products. Warm colours welcome users and affect their moods, which in turn will effect whether they are in the mood to buy or browse. Finally, include images of people using the product, shopping in store, using the product outside or wherever you can incorporate the product in an interactive setting. This will effect the psychological desire of going to the mall. The internet is growing everyday and the online group of shoppers is only going to increase as well. Prepare yourself for potential consumers and make the necessary updates to your website before you scare off your prospect buyers!

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Known affectionately as 'Sarge' for her no nonsense attitude, Britt has an array of interests that range from project management, to playing guitar, and video games. She doesn't like to write on the Rise to the Top blog very often, which makes it even more powerful when she does.

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Website Conversion For Your Website

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