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4 Easy Tips to Increase the Conversion of Your Website

Website Conversion September 12th, 2012


Whilst many businesses are concentrating on making their site appear as high in the searching listings as possible, some of them may be overlooking the main point. No matter how much time or money you plough into blogs, articles, press releases and keyword research, there is little point in driving thousands of customers to your site if none of them are converting from visitors into customers.

There is certainly a time and place for SEO, because without it your site may as well not exist, but alongside this you need to be looking for ways to increase the conversion rates on your site. Here are 4 top tips for making it happen for you.

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1. Where are your links going?

Many businesses make the fatal mistake of linking their customers click through only to their home page. Most customers, unless they are particularly interested in your company, will not bother to navigate around your site finding the product they were originally interested in, so make their lives easy for them by pointing your links to the product, service or piece of information they are reading about.

2. Review your site content for quality, not just SEO

Yes, yes, content most definitely is king, but when it comes to selling products you also need to make sure you are giving the customer enough information to make a purchase decision on the spot. Are your delivery and returns policies clearly stated? Have you worked up a good FAQ section fort the site? Are your product descriptions informative enough to allow people to buy on the spot?

3.  Focus on ‘above the fold’ for your key messages

Above the fold means the section of your pages which the customer can read without the need to scroll down. This is where 70% of their attention will be placed and should be the prime location for your calls to action and other key information you want the customer to take. Contact details should be available on every page in the top half of the page, and special offers or discounts should feature prominently here too. Avoid putting advertisements here as they are eating into your available marketing space.

4. Review your design

If you have been in business for a while, you might find your site is getting somewhat cluttered and difficult to navigate. Consider having a good old spring clean of information to keep things working smoothly and efficiently for your visitors. Turning a cluttered website into a sleek and efficient product is something akin to the difference between the jumbled shelves of a corner store and the clean, stylish lines of the designer boutique. An overhaul will instantly make you look more professional, more modern and if the information is easier for the customer to find, stands a very good chance of improving your conversion rates.

Post By IstosGlobal (1 Posts)

IstosGlobal is a Cyprus Company who provides corporate services for International Organizations.


IstosGlobal is a Cyprus Company who provides corporate services for International Organizations.
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4 Easy Tips to Increase the Conversion of Your Website

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