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Get Ready For A Surge In Google Analytics Application

Google finally released their Analytics API to the general public last week.  What does this mean?  It means that you should sit back and get ready for some very cool, and innovative new tools to be developed by the free market world!

For those that do not understand what an API is, here is the quick run down.  The release of the API allows developers to be able to access raw data, giving them the ability to integrate into their own programs seamlessly and easily.

Some Examples Of What The Google Analytics  API Will Do

According to the official Google blog here are just some of the things that have already been developed when the API was in Beta:

Here is a more comprehensive list of items developed specifically using the Google API.

Get Started Using The Google Analytics API

First get to know the Google Code base.

Second make sure you add yourself to the email list for the Google Analytics API Notify so that you get all the latest announcements etc.

Third make sure you become part of the Google Analytics API Group so that you can communicate with other interested parties.

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