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A/B Testing & How Web Analytics Can Help!

Website Analytics July 10th, 2007


Understanding your web visitors has always been a difficult task for most analysts. It is very important to have a basic understanding for some of the fundamentals, and more important to utilize them to help increase the productivity of your web site.

Use Effective Landing Page Strategy for Pay Per Click Campaigns

One of the most important things we come across here is poor landing page optimization. In other words if you have a web site that sells leather goods – and you are sending users looking for “leather jackets” to  pages that describe leather bags you are sending users to something that they are not looking for. Most of the visitors are targeted to a page much different than what there are likely interested in.  Landing pages give you the ability to send your visitors to focused pages.

Tracking Your Visitors

Web TrackingKeep track of the visitors on your site and make changes according to what you see. Visitors are the ones you need to focus on to understand how to convert.
If you have visitors to your site who are not targeted properly, they can’t produce the business that you had likely paid them to come there for.

Do research using Google analytics reports to find out:

  • Where visitors are coming from
  • Which path they are taking on your site
  • To measure conversions
  • How to make adjustments based on the analytics trends you see

Monitor Developments by Test

While it’s great to make changes that have a positive impact on your site – you need to test them to make sure they work which in turn increases the creditability of your site.

With web analytics testing, different approaches can be rewarding but you need to understand the basics of A/B testing and how to integrate a strategy that works for you.

With research on how web analytics works you will see all the major search engines on your site come to spider the information on all the pages of your site.  Google for example sends out their spider called GoogleBot.  If you see that every Thursday GoogleBot is coming to your site and grabbing all of the pages, the best time to make changes in this case would be Wednesday!

Final Note on Web Analytics

You will find thousands of web analytics providers out there, and each has a different approach to search and website optimization. (in terms of reporting flow)  No matter what Analytics program you choose is, the overall goal has to be to help determine patterns on your website and make adjustments to help you convert your visitors the best you can.

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A/B Testing & How Web Analytics Can Help!

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