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3 Tips to Reduce Your Blog Bounce Rate

Website Analytics June 20th, 2012


3 Tips to Reduce Your Blog Bounce Rate

Imagine that when you see your blog traffic analytics, you see an increasing traffic in your blog. At first, you feel grateful of it. However, when you take a look closely, your bounce rate is more than 60%. It means a big portion of your traffic simply bounce back from your blog. They don’t stay in your blog for long. How to reduce the bounce rate in your blog?

Here are 3 tips to reduce your blog bounce rate:

1. Increase your content quality

Most bounce rate that you experience is related with your content quality. In other words, people don’t like your content, so they leave immediately upon visiting your blog. It’s a signal for you, as a blogger, to increase your content quality. Re-read your blog content, and see whether your content quality is already excellent or not, or whether you don’t break up big paragraphs in your content. It is important to have quality content in your blog so that people will enjoy staying at your blog for a long time.

2. Add related links to your blog

There are many plugins that you can use to add related links in your blog. This way, when people read your content and see another interesting link, they will keep reading your blog until they are really satisfied with it. It will drastically decrease your bounce rate. If you haven’t placed any related link in your blog, and people arrive at low quality content on your blog, they won’t give your blog a second chance.

3. Improve your blog template

Your blog template can also affect your bounce rate. People generally don’t like staying on blogs that have bad or ugly design. No matter how good the content, if your blog template is ugly, people will likely leave your blog anyway. So, it is important to improve your blog template. You need to make sure that people are comfortable reading your blog. Look at your template and see which parts of it you can alter for the better.

Those are 3 tips to reduce your blog bounce rate. If you apply those tips, you will get more quality and loyal visitors to your blog, instead of one-time visitors.

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Remy is a freelance writer that loves to write on everything related to Internet marketing. He also provides reviews of InMotion hosting to help people choose their host.

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3 Tips to Reduce Your Blog Bounce Rate

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