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Wikipedia “Edits by IP Address” Spawns Many New Twitter Accounts

Social Media Marketing August 3rd, 2014


Wikipedia on Twitter

There’s an interesting phenomena that’s taking place on Twitter and Wikipedia right now. It all started on July 12th 2014 when GitHub member Ed Summers (EdSu) developed his initial release: v0.0.1, a repository that tracks when Wikipedia entries are made by certain IP addresses, then publishing that information to Twitter!

The most famous Twitter account that has spawned from this new found technology aimed its sights at the US government, with the handle @congress-edits:

To date (Aug 3rd 2014), the account has 26.2K followers and is less than a month old. It even led to a 10-day block on US Congress computers for “persistent disruptive editing.”

The whole idea of tracking how government may try and shape public opinion through Wikipedia pages is intruiging, but what actually happened is congress is quite the opposite.

People began having fun with the Wiki edits. One edit claimed that Donald Rumsfeld was an “alien lizard.” The accuracy of this remains to be determined.
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Conspiracy theorists rejoice:

Gut check: do you really think the CIA and the NSA won’t be able to mask their IP addresses even if they do really want to edit Wikipedia entries to influence public opinion (and high school essays) everywhere?

This is not to say that these accounts aren’t worth checking out, it’s just to say that they should be taken with a grain of salt. There are some surprises to come from all of this. Check out the @ValleyEdits account that tracks Silicon Valley edits. It turns out the people from Google are editing articles on the band Imagine Dragons and the video game The Forest. Whether these edits are being done with the knowledge of this new found Twitter spotlight, or if people are just making them to have fun, it’s interesting to know what people from these different locales have decided to edit.

As of Aug 3rd 2014, here is the complete list of Twitter accounts using this new technology:

You can also find the most complete list here.
And to learn how to create your own Wikipedia Edits Twitter account follow the instructions provided here.


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Wikipedia “Edits by IP Address” Spawns Many New Twitter Accounts

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