Why SEOs Should Jump to Google+ Now

Imagine you had a product to sell. Imagine now that you decided to advertise that product. Would you rather advertise it to everybody in the world (and waste time and money doing so) or just to people who are most likely to buy it? SEO articles, blogs and content do just that, since the keywords people use in their searches mean that they are in the market for your product.  Now, add to that search an extra feature that would have everyone who found your product via the targeted search tell everyone they knew about it.  Teens buying music tell all their friends; diners who loved a new restaurant will tell everyone they know; a hot new product is introduced and suddenly goes viral. This is exactly what Google + does.  A searcher not only finds what he was looking for on the net, he is so happy about it that he tells thousands of like minded people about it immediately, simply by clicking on the Google + button!

This is targeted searching at its optimum.  Sociologists have long known that people gather in clusters. Birds of a feather stick together, if you like.  People tend to associate with people with similar tastes in music, clothing, food, etc.  Once someone has found your product/site, and you have the Google+ button on it, you can be assured that this information will not only be shared, but will be shared with a market that is more likely to approve of and buy the product and service.  You will not be advertising cocktail dresses to mechanics, you will be advertising them to the friends of the young lady who just bought that perfect LBD, and these friends are young ladies who buy dresses.  Let us carry that analogy one step further.  Suppose that it is prom season, and a young lady found the dress of her dreams on your site.  With the power of Google +, she will not only be telling others about it, but she will be telling hundreds of high school juniors and seniors, WHO NEED PROM DRESSES.  This is a marketer’s dream come true.

If you are in the business of writing search engine optimized copy, this is a tool, or better yet, a weapon that can exponentially increase the exposure your articles will get.  The added advantage to Google + is that, unlike the “Like It” button for Facebook, you don’t click or “like” the entire page; you have the opportunity to put a Google + button in several places on your copy.  This creates a double whammy because you position your Google + button in sections of your content that would most fully optimize the click feature, perhaps right under that fabulous dress that our young lady wants to show to her friends.

As is the nature of SEO, webmasters will immediately start tweaking placement of both keywords and the Google + button to find the perfect combination that will get the message out as quickly as possible to as many people as possible. The advantage is clearly going to be to those SEOers who jump on the Google+ band wagon now!


Google + is packed with people. Unfortunately, the more people who use a site; the more likely some of them are unsuitable or even unsafe.

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    Absolutely agreed, GB. Google+ is taking a “marathon rather than sprint” approach and webmasters would be wise to start early too. One day, shares on Google+ may be more of a factor than shares on Facebook and early adopters will have an edge vs those who are still dismissing G+ as irrelevant compared to FB. Thanks for your comment!

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    While a lot of people were hesitant in trialing Google + when it was initially launched, I jumped straight in and uncovered a staggering amount of potential for both SEO purposes and traffic generation!

    Just like you mentioned Google + is simply excellent for assisting users to share with their friends (to an extent that I don’t think even Facebook can match). This means easy and unproblematic networking for Google + members, and hopefully a heap of targeted traffic for website owners! :) And ever since Google announced that social networking activity influenced the organic rankings of websites, there is really no reason that all webmasters shouldn’t be utilizing Google +

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    While I have buttons on my website that will allow people to share my articles with some social networks, Google+ isn’t one of them. It’s time for me to reassess what is listed and add this button to my pages. Every share counts!

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      Google+ goes beyond simple sharing. The +1 has the potential to impact your page’s search ranking. This is something that should definitely be harnessed!


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