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Where Do All Of My Facebook Likes Come From?

Social Media Marketing May 13th, 2013


Social Media Marketing

The proof of any successful corporate Facebook page is the amount of fans that page has. That is to say, the more likes that your page gets, the better you are doing at building an online community for your business. Having a loyal fanbase is important, but equally important is understanding where those likes came from. If you have every looked at your company Facebook page and wondered, “Where did all of these likes come from?”, then read on!

Where Do All Of My Facebook Likes Come From?

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Facebook has a comprehensive data reporting platform for your Facebook page, called the “Insights” section of your page. Here, you can learn a lot about your pages fans, friends of fans and so much more, but for this blog entry, we will be focusing on the “Likes” section of Facebook Insights.

To access information about your business’s Facebook page likes, follow the 2 steps below:

1. Navigate to any Facebook page which you manage and then look for the line graph inside the admin panel above your page’s cover photo in the section titled, “Insights” and click “See All.”

Note: You cannot access Insights for any page that has less than 30 fans, so start spreading the word about your Facebook page today!

2. Once you arrive on the Insights Overview page, click the “Likes” link in the navigation menu that runs across the top of the page.

Facebook Page Likes Insights

Now that you have arrived at the Likes section of the Insights page, you are presented with many details about your fans. Please refer to the attached diagram, where I have numbered each section of the page. Below, each section is outlined in greater detail!

Facebook Page Likes Insights


Below, is the Insights Likes section deconstructed:

  1. Navigation Menu – This is the main navigation menu for the Facebook Insights Page

  2. Date Range Selection – This is where you specify the date range from which the page data is formulated.

  3. Export Data Button – This will allow you to export your Facebook Page data for use externally. You get some choices in what data you’d like to export too. When exporting data you can choose what format you’d like it in (.XLS or .CSV); what type of data you’d like (Page level, or individual post level); and the start end dates that you’d like to use.

  4. Settings Tab – Clicking this tab will allow you to Take a Tour of the page, Jump to the Facebook Help Center, or Send Feedback to Facebook.

  5. Demographics – This graph breaks down your page’s fans by sex and age.

    FB Likes Demographics

  6. Countries – This is a list of the countries where your page’s fans are from.

  7. Cities – This is a list of the cities where your fans are from.

  8. Languages – This is a list of the default language setting for each fan.

  9. Likes & Unlikes Graph – This is a graphical representation of who liked (or unlinked) your page on a given day. Hover over each node with your mouse to gain more insight about a particular day.

  10. Like Sources – This list is a breakdown of your Facebook page’s likes based on where they happened. Use this list to determine where you can be trying harder to reach fans.

Getting likes is what Facebook marketing is all about and knowing where all of those likes came from (or where the missing ones went) is powerful knowledge that should be used to identify where your are succeeding and where you are failing in your online community building efforts. Explore the insights section and look there often in order to stay on top of that is happening on your business’s Facebook Page. Thanks for reading, I hope that you enjoyed learning about where your Facebook likes come from!

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Where Do All Of My Facebook Likes Come From?

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