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Verifying your Google+ Page

Social Media Marketing September 14th, 2012


Verifying your Google+ Page

Google+ page verification is an awesome feature that helps both users and businesses. They help to filter spam and prevent identity theft. The downside is that Google+ verification is pretty much mandatory if you want to advertise on Google+, and it takes some time. Here is how to get it done quickly and painlessly.

What is Verification?

Verification guarantees to the Google+ that your page belongs to you. It shows Google+ users that you are taking responsibility for the content of your page. When your page is verified, it appears with a checkmark to show users that it is genuine.

Verified pages are also in the running for free exposure on Google. Relevant and popular verified Google+ pages show up occasionally in the sidebar of Google searches.

As a bonus, once your page is verified, you can also add an author tag to your content. This tag will display your name and a portrait.

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How do I Verify my Page?

First, establish a page and get some followers. If you don’t have many followers, your verification request may be rejected.

Second, place a link to your website in the Google+ “About” section.

Third, link your Google+ page from your website using the Google+ badge. This badge will let Google+’s moderators know that it is your website. It will also help to attract followers to your Google+ page.

Finally, fill out this verification request form. The form requires that you provide a valid personal phone number. Google+’s verification team may call you to confirm your identity.

Your form will be processed in a couple of weeks. If you don’t hear back in a month, resend the form and send an email to Google+’s team to make sure they haven’t forgotten about you.

That’s all there is to it! You should be able to complete the whole verification process in under an hour.

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Verifying your Google+ Page

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