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Twitter Remarketing Ads: 6 Benefits of Twitter’s Tailored Audiences for Businesses

Social Media Marketing December 9th, 2013


tailor audiences

Back in July, Twitter announced it would start experimenting ways to offer more useful advertising space for brands/business without bombarding its user’s experience. To do so, Twitter has launched “Tailored Audiences,” which means that ads and promoted content will be targeted towards user’s interests. Users won’t see more ads. They will see better ads, tailored to their interests.

Before I jump into the benefits of Twitter’s Tailored Audience, I’ll give you a quick overview of how it works.

For fun let’s say a TicketMaster want to advertises winning free VIP tickets to the Backstreet Boys upcoming comeback tour on Twitter and they only wish to have their ad show to 90’s pop music enthusiasts who have visited its site. For people on Twitter to see this very special offer, TicketMaster would share its browser cookie ID with an ads partner. Twitter will then know both who you are and will be able to connect with you browsing history via your mobile and desktop browser cookies.  Now that Twitter has all this information, it can target users that have visited 90’s pop music related sites and promote TicketMaster’s tweets to the right audience.

Here’s an altered image of how Twitter explains it:

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Now that we all understand how Twitter’s tailor audience works. Here’s 6 ways highlighted in Twitter Tailor Audience Handbook you can use this new advertising feature to benefit your existing brand/business’s Twitter campaign.

1. Turn Your Existing Customers Into Twitter Followers

Though most wish that all their customers followed them on Twitter, unfortunately that’s not the case. Now you can run a promoted accounts campaign that targets customers that have visited your website.

2. Reach a Specific Subset of Customers

Not all your customers are looking for the same service or products. Instead of offering all customers the same offer, you can run a promoted tweet campaign targeted towards a specific subset of customers. This could be to customers that have visited a certain product/service page or even to customers that have abandoned cart before checkout.

3. Create Conversations with Brand Loyalists

Promoted Tweets to users that have made positive interactions with your brand or to users that frequently visitor your website. This can get your brand loyalists talking about your brand and in return showcasing your brand in front of a larger audience.

4. Acquire New Customers

Reach new prospect customers by targeting Promoted Tweets to users that have search for relevant products/service similar to your brand. This means you can reach people that have never visited your website before. You even have the opinion to target behavioural characteristics that match your existing website converters.

5. Make the Most Out of Your Tweets

Keep your active Twitter followers engaged by delivering promoted tweets to users who have clicked on previous links you’ve tweeted. Each link you include in a tweet is another opportunity to collect data on your followers clicks. By using a ‘pixel redirect’ system provided by Chango, Twitter allows you to identify your click happy followers and deliver a Promoted Tweet to them. From this data you can also run a Facebook campaign directed at users that have clicked on a Twitter link.

6. Maximize the Lifetime Value of Your Customers

Integrate your Promoted Tweets with other advertising campaigns to keep your content in front of your customers eyes longer. Use Promoted Tweets, alongside Facebook Exchange (FBX) ads, display and video ads. Why use one platform and not the other?!

Take Away

Regardless of your industry retargeting with Twitter’s tailored audiences can have a positive impact on real-time marketing opportunities, while ensuring your ad dollars are getting in front the right audience and aren’t going to waste.

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Twitter Remarketing Ads: 6 Benefits of Twitter’s Tailored Audiences for Businesses

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