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Top 10 SEO Folks To Follow On Twitter

Social Media Marketing February 8th, 2013


Top 10 SEO Folks To Follow On Twitter

Now that we’ve entered February, most of us are back into the full swing of online marketing and now that we’ve caught up with our thousands of unread e-mails, there’s an occasional second to check the twittersphere for tid-bits of information and comedy.

Today I’m going to share with you my list of top 10 influential tweeps over the past year. For ease of following I’ve also created a list that you can subscribe to – https://twitter.com/sebastiancowie/top-10-seo-tweeps/members

SEO Evangelists

Rand Fishkin – @randfish


CEO & Founder of SEOMoz. If you work in the SEO or digital marketing industry and haven’t heard of SEOMoz you’ve probably been working in the wrong circles. He can be frequently seen on the SEO conference circuits and will be speaking at Linklove London 2013.

Will Critchlow – @willcritchlow


Founder of Distilled, who are responsible for the Link & SearchLove conferences in the UK and US. Promotes holistic and ethical SEO. Will’s team have been responsible for a number of popular SEO guides including “Microsoft Excel for SEO’s” and “How to become a link bait hero”.

All SEO All the Time

Barry Schwartz – @rustybrick


As well as being the CEO of RustyBrick and founder of Search Engine Roundtable, Barry’s contributions can also be found over at Search Engine Land. If there’s an SEO news story floating around, you can be damn sure that Barry will be one of the first to cover it.

Link Building

Jon Cooper – @pointblankseo


Founder of Pointblankseo and general link building guru. Although he was relatively unknown, in just a few short years Jon has provided the digital marketing realm with an in-depth link building course and is constantly upping the bar for young and enthusiast link builders.

Jason Acidre – @kaiserthesage


Search Strategist and CEO / Co-founder of Xight Interactive. Jason is another link building genius that knows how to get shit done. His blog is full of the top tricks and tips to help you claim backlinks that are rightfully yours!

When You’re Bored of White-Hat

For those truly into digital marketing, it’s great to get an understanding of all the schools of SEO. The following tweeps are known for thinking outside of the white-hat box.

Michael Gray – @graywolf


Author of Wolf-Howl.com and Owner of Atlas Web Service, Michael Gray isn’t afraid to tell it how it is. His rants on SEO and the state of the internet in general are legendary and he frequently goes toe-to-toe with Google.

Martin Macdonald – @searchmartin


Currently the inbound marketing director for ExpediaEAN. Martin can be frequently found on the conference circuits and is never afraid to divulge tactics that can verge on the side of black-hat.

Data Analyst Extraordinaire

Dr Pete – @dr_pete


Self-proclaimed “non-resident resident marketing scientist as SEOMoz” – frequently shares in-depth data-sets from SEOMoz and other data that makes your day to day job as an SEO slightly easier. Also posts high quality content to the SEOMoz main blog.

SEO Anarchist

Barry Adams – @badams


Digital Director at PierceComms and editor over at StateofSearch. Barry is never afraid of conflict and frequently debunks SEO myths that get published on high profile publications.

Fastest Growing Digital Marketing Event

Kelvin Newman – @kelvinnewman


Organiser of BrightonSEO, one of the largest digital marketing events in the UK. Author of Clockwork Pirate and Director of Strategy at SiteVisibility. A general SEO enthusiast and is constantly contributing to the SEO scene.

Follow the list

I’ve taken the liberty of creating a list with these industry leaders here – in an attempt to save you the pain and hassle of finding them one by one.

Feel like I’ve missed someone? Leave your favourite tweeps below and let’s add to the list!

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Sebastian Cowie is the managing director of SC Digital LTD. You can follow his SEO Consulting adventures on his official website or Twitter. When he’s not working for his clients or affiliate projects you’ll most likely find him down the local pub listening to music that needs to be turned up to 11.

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Top 10 SEO Folks To Follow On Twitter

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