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Facebook: FBML No More. Make Way For IFrames!

Social Media Marketing April 14th, 2011



It’s Official! Facebook has finally stopped supporting Static FBML – the previous markup language used to create customized Facebook tabs. FBML has proved useful for both small and big business, but Facebook thinks it's time to move on. Even though this doesn’t come as a surprise, it will still have a big impact on common users who create pages to support their marketing campaigns.

Users who have already installed Static FBML need not worry as they’ll still be able to make updates. The change comes for new users who won't be able to create Static FBML pages, as the custom tabs will now only work on IFrames. Coupled with Facebook's recent changes to profile pages, there's no doubt that Facebook now offers its users more freedom to create, essentially, full websites within Facebook.

Introduction to IFrames

An IFrame enables a Facebook user to incorporate a webpage within a Facebook tab and unlike Static FBML the new IFrames support standard CSS, HTML and JavaScript just like a regular webpage (as it’s not hosted on Facebook). We can also insert Google analytics tracking code into the page just like we do for a normal website, giving us a wider scope of customization features.

There are several ways to embed IFrames to your Fanpages which include Facebook Developer Application and the IFrames for Pages Application. IFrames offer several advantages, but just like any application it has several disadvantages as well. For a small business owner or average user IFrames may prove quite complex, as they'll need to become familiar with creating more complicated applications.

The Facebook Developer Application requires you to create a dynamic webpage using standard HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript or Flash.

The WildWire IFrame Application is easier to use than Facebook's Developer Application and may be a better alternative for small businesses. For me the best part about this application is the option to be able to "Fangate," whereby Fans and Non-Fans will be able to see a different version of the welcome page.

Flexibility is perhaps the greatest benefit of IFrame based tabs. With IFrames you're able to change the welcome tabs according to the seasons, or introduce new offers by creating multiple pages.

It may sound complicated, but this is where web design companies can really demonstrate value to our clients and offer them a better, more flexible, attractive and conversion friendly welcome pages.Facebook Tabs have been a major revolution for online marketers and this update has just put Facebook one more step ahead of its social media counterparts.

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Facebook: FBML No More. Make Way For IFrames!

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