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New Social Network: Pheed. Is it Really Just for Teenagers?

Social Media Marketing March 22nd, 2013


This morning, I read online about a new social network called, “Pheed” that recently surpassed Facebook and Twitter as the Number 1 downloaded ios app in the ‘Social Networking’ category of the App Store. Purportedly, this happened primarily because a handful of heavily-followed teenagers on Twitter endorsed the platform and it went viral. That is not to say that Pheed’s popularity is solely because of this youth endorsement. It is popular because it is good.

Not your Mom’s Social Network

The first time you visit pheed.com, you are slapped in the eyeballs with a background image of a pair of heavily-tattooed, interlocked hands and the headline, “A new way to express yourself | text, photo, video, audio, voice, broadcast.” Across the bottom of the desktop login page are links to articles by other credible sources such as: Forbes, Fast Company, LinkedIn, and Huffington Post.

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Seeing that Pheed had garnered recognition from these highly credible sources, and has attracted some celebrity participation by stars like Miley Cyrus and Mike Tyson, I was instantly intrigued and wanted to know more. Luckily, I was able to dive right in and get going with Pheed using the option to sign with either my Twitter or my Facebook login.

After signing up with my Twitter account, the Pheed setup process was quick and non-intrusive. My avatar and background image were imported automatically and after subscribing to a handful of suggested users, I was able to start exploring Pheed without having surrendered much-to-any personal information. So what is it all about, anyhow?

Pheed is a new social platform where users can share all sorts of digital media in one place, and comment, share, endorse or trash anything that they like or hate.

With Pheed, you can share:

  • Text
  • Audio
  • Voice Notes
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • and even Live Broadcasts!

Love it or Hate it, it’s up to you!

On Pheed, you don’t simply ‘like’ posts. You either ‘love’ them or you ‘don’t love’ them. One of the most common requests from disgruntled Facebook users over the years has been the ability to dislike a post. For whatever reason, these requests have been ignored by Facebook. It is nice to see that Pheed has filled the need in us all to denounce content that offends us. I actually ‘love’ this feature.

So Why Do I Need Another Social Network in My Life?

This is a very good question. Even the kings of internet traffic, Google, have attempted to rival the social giants for attention in the past few years with Google+ (and failed), so what should make any of us believe that Pheed could hope to do the same? The answer is simple. Pheed is not trying to compete with the big players in Social Media. Pheed is uniting them by integrating them all into their very sleek, clean and easy-to-use interface.

On any given post, be it an audio clip, photo, video or document, users have the ability to share content on all their favourite social platforms with a simple click (after associating each account with their Pheed account, of course). Currently, Pheed allows users to associate Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts, but it is easy to see that the possibilities are endless if this platform continues to grow at its current rate.

Look at What You Want, When You Want

The feed notification bar is what makes using this platform so nice. Your pheed can be filtered in different ways to show you the type of content that you want, when you want it. On both the desktop version of the site and the ios app, with one click, you can tell Pheed to show you all content types in one ‘pheed,’ or create a ‘pheed’ based on content type (all audio, all video, etc).

‘Pheed’ The Masses. Sell Yourself!

Pheed also gives users the option to copyright and charge money for their posts. This is a unique idea, but not one that I’m sure will work for most conventional users. That said, giving artists and people of influence the ability to charge a subscription to their channel (pheed) or to earn on a pay-per-view basis on creative content and live broadcasts may prove very lucrative for those with many followers. These subscriptions and pay-per-views can be priced anywhere between $1.99 and $34.99. Check out the Pheed Help Center to learn more about how to make money on Pheed.

Will Pheed Rule The World?

At first glance, Pheed seems to be the next logical step in social networking, and its user interface is just as good, if not better, than the other guys’. As my Facebook Activity Stream slowly (but surely) gets increasingly crowded with posts from my mom and her friends about how much they love their sons and daughters and my Twitter feed continues to overwhelm me with useless chatter that I’m not interested in, I long for more out of social networking. On the surface, Pheed seems to fill this void and I’d really like to see what comes next from this fledgling heavyweight platform.

Post By Darian Schouten (10 Posts)

Darian, a computing veteran with over 25 years experience under his belt, has developed a deep love for all things digital. Darian is a passionate gamer and always on the look out for the next big game changer.


Darian, a computing veteran with over 25 years experience under his belt, has developed a deep love for all things digital. Darian is a passionate gamer and always on the look out for the next big game changer.
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New Social Network: Pheed. Is it Really Just for Teenagers?

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