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How To Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing March 27th, 2013


Burger King Twitter Hacked

In the last decade, social media has transformed from being a passive observer to a dominant player in the marketing world. To put it into perspective, consider this story. In February 2013, the Twitter account of Burger King was hacked. During the period, the hackers posted tweets announcing that the company had been sold to fast food rivals, McDonald’s and substituted the Burger King logo for that of McDonalds.

Anyone would have expected that this would damage the reputation of the company, but it didn’t. Instead, the hack actually helped boost Burger King Sales. It became a trending topic in the Twittersphere and thousands of people were spurred to visit different Burger King restaurants all across the country.

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For the period of the hack, and several days after, Burger King became even more popular—so much so, that some people began to suggest that the hack might have been staged. It just goes to show how effective the social media world has become.

Transforming your Social Media Marketing

One of the benefits of the social media marketing is that there is no such thing as being too late or being ‘stuck’. It does not matter if your earlier efforts at social media have failed. You can transform your marketing campaign by adopting the right strategies.

A crucial first step is to decide on the type of marketing that you hope to achieve. This will affect the platform that you use. For instance, if you wish to advertise your business by posting pictures, then social media sites like Pinterest and Facebook will lead your marketing campaign.

On the other hand, social platforms like Spreaker and YouTube are perfect for audio or video podcasts. Twitter is great for short viral marketing and Digg is ideal for press releases. Regardless of which platform you choose, the following are some of the ways that you can improve your marketing.

1.    Add Share Buttons

It’s important that you integrate social media into your website and adding share buttons is a good way of achieving this. They give your visitors an easy way of sharing anything they like with their friends. To do this, you will need to have accounts with your preferred social platforms. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are popular options because of the size of each network.

2.    Like Your Customers First

Do not wait for your customers to ‘like’ your business first before you start liking them. Being proactive increases your standing with your customers. It shows that you are more concerned with creating a warm relationship with your customers than you are with advertising and marketing. Of course, nine times out of ten, once you like your customers, they are likely to repeat the favour, and this will drive your visibility within social media circles—which was the point in the first place.

3.    Stick with It

It is estimated that ninety percent of most businesses work rely on social media to some degree. But less than 20% actually experience positive results. That is because most businesses quit after only a few weeks of marketing. Do not be discouraged if you only have 100 followers after the first month. To succeed in social media marketing, you need to be committed for the long haul. It may take a week or a few months, but if you stick at it, the results will come.

4.    Never Stop Listening

This one is important. Social media marketing is not about you. It is about your customers. This is why you should spend less time talking about your business and more time listening to the views of your customer. If you had to work with a figure, the right balance would to spend 85% of your time listening to your customers, and 15% marketing your business.

Social media platforms are all about two-way communications. If all you do is posts pictures and status updates about your business, many people will lose interest in what you have to say. But if you are constantly listening and replying to their comments, you will win followers very quickly.

5.    Blog

It is possible to manage a successful social media campaign without blogging, but owning a blog makes it a lot easier. That is because blogging offers many benefits that you cannot find anywhere else. It gives you an informal way of connecting with your consumers, and a reliable medium that you can use in establishing your ‘voice’.

Blogs are a great way of promoting your brand and building your relationship with customers. For blogs to work, you will need to ensure that you provide useful content that your visitors will appreciate and be willing to share with their friends. You can encourage blog sharing by adding ‘share’ buttons for your preferred social media platform at the end of each post.

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How To Improve Your Social Media Marketing

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