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How To Get 1000 Likes On Your Facebook Fan Page In Four Weeks

Social Media Marketing November 12th, 2012


How To Get 1000 Likes On Your Facebook Fan Page In Four Weeks

Increasing your fan base to 1,000 in one month is hardly unattainable; however, it will take time and hard work. You will be required to commit to the page every day. Any day you do not work on your Facebook page is one day further you are away from your goal.

For those of you who have not yet started, you must create a Facebook page. As you are creating the page, choose a vanity URL which is representative of your company, brand, promotion, etc. You want to make it easy to remember to ensure people return with great frequency and so it is easier to share. It is imperative to create and publish an appealing cover photo. Over time, you can make the page more like a website by using apps and widgets. A good place to start promoting your page is by asking your friends to like and share your page.

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The content of your page should be information which is helpful to your community and information of which they are interested. Posting such information will entice members of your community to share your posts which will reach everyone in their community who may share the posting, as well; thus reaching your goal far more quickly. Posting once a day is acceptable; however, posting twice a day will get you there faster.

Edge Rank

Few people understand or appreciate Facebook’s Edge Rank algorithm. This ranking will determine whether or not your postings will be seen in the news feed of companies and your community. Facebook has never actually publicly released this algorithm; however, much speculation exists around the underlying premise. It is crucial to engage users as much as possible. You want your community to like, comment, and share your postings. You should also consider which type of postings are most effective for your fanpage. A strategy which works for a brand may not work well for a small business. The community will tell you the types of postings they prefer if you listen and pay attention which will also bring you closer to your goal.

Outside your Facebook page

It is imperative that you reach out to people outside of your page and Facebook, as well. Find other established communities with similar interests to yours and become an active member of their community. People will look into your page simply out of curiosity and return for the content. Do not neglect your website. Add a like box and like button to your website so visitors are easily able to find you and like you. You should also perform link building wherever possible outside of Facebook to direct people back to your page. This will increase your Edge Rank exponentially and enhance your search engine ranking.

Reaching 1,000 fans in one month is a challenge; however, it is possible. Spend part of each day reaching out to the Facebook community, posting, and creating links to your page from outside sources to reach 1,000 fans in no time.

How do you increase your Facebook fanpage following?

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How To Get 1000 Likes On Your Facebook Fan Page In Four Weeks

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