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How To Automate Social Media Effectively

Social Media Marketing May 10th, 2012


automate social media

Some companies have employed the use of social media for their business, and they rely on automation as a way to push out information through their social media channels. Through automation, certain tweets and posts can be scheduled in advance, and you can choose what day and what time and through what network certain information is generated.

In order for social media automation to be effective, it needs to be used the right way. The followings tips will help you effectively automate social media.

1.) Choose the Right Automation Tools.

There are numerous tools out there that can help you automate your social media tactics more easily. The problem is that since there are so many available, it can be hard to determine which one is best. Hootsuite, Sprout Social and HubSpot are three platforms that allow you to automate multiple social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+. There are also others, such as TweetDeck, that allow you update your Twitter account, but it can also feed the same tweet to your other social media accounts too.

Some tools are available for free while others cost money. Before you know which tool is right for you, you need to do your research and find out the benefits of each one to determine which is the best fit for your company. You should also decide if you want to pay for a platform of if you’d rather use a free one.

2.) Choose the Right Time.

This requires some measurement on your part. You need to find out what days and what time of the day your customers are most likely to read and engage with you via social media. Once you have this information, you need to be sure to schedule your posts during the optimal times. This way, you won’t miss out on reaching your audience.
You also need to determine when you can engage. Automation may be a great way to start the conversation, but you need to physically be able to continue the conversation, too. If a user comments on one of your Facebook posts, you need to respond. If you don’t, you won’t build a relationship with your customers, and being ignored will only irritate them.

3. Choose the Right Content.

While all social networks revolve around engaging with customers and creating conversations, they shouldn’t all be used the same way. Don’t post the same exact message through all of your networks. Your Twitter followers are probably also friends or fans of yours on Facebook, and they don’t want to see the same verbatim message from you appear in all of their news feeds.

Instead, use each social network to their advantage. Twitter only allows for 140 characters, so use it for snippets and click-through links. Facebook doesn’t have a character limit, so feel free to use these posts to be more informative. Just because you have the possibility to automate doesn’t mean the content has to be exactly the same.
Automation is a great way to use social media, but it shouldn’t be the only form of social media engagement you implement. While it can start the conversation, and while it allows you to schedule items in advance so you don’t forget about them, you still need to continue the conversation with your fans and followers, and this requires the talents of a real human. Be sure to physically monitor your social media accounts and engage with your users. This will help your automation be more successful, and it will keep your customers happy.

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Charlie Adams is a consultant to telecommunications companies who lives in the Las Vegas area. He is also an avid writer and never submits any work without first proofing it with a grammar checker to ensure it abides by all the necessary grammar rules.

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How To Automate Social Media Effectively

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