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Google +1 vs. Facebook Like – A Detailed Overview

Social Media Marketing July 11th, 2011



Where do you see these buttons?

The Facebook 'Like' button is integrated with many websites around the internet and 'Facebookers' are widely using this to share their favourite pages with friends. 

+1 button is integrated in Google search results and search engine users can vote for their favourite sites. We also see the +1 button integrated with many websites and this will definitely increase the visibility and the usage of the +1 button.

How are they shared with your connections?

The page that is liked by a Facebook user is updated in his/her profile and is shared globally (to all of their friends) regardless of friend groups or lists. All the connections in your profile can see the recommended (liked) page in their news feeds, gaining better visibility and the potential for more traffic.

The page that is +1’d will go into your ‘+1’ tab and will not be shared with your friends through their news feeds.

The +1 tab is visible only to you unless you change to make it public. You can always customize the tabs of your Google+ profile.  If you choose to keep your +1 tab private, only you will be able to see the sites you've +1’d. If you no longer wish to recommend a page, you can always delete it. If you turn off the +1 setting for non-Google sites, you will only be able to see an aggregated, anonymous count of people who've also +1'd the site and not connections in your social network who have +1’d the page. The default setting enables you to see the connections in your social network who have +1’d the page.

Google has taken one step ahead and integrated the +1 results to SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for the related search terms that your connections have +1'd. This makes a big difference and it's got great potential marry search and social.

Apart from the social side of +1, Google’s organic algorithm will definitely give high importance for the sites that have more +1's. Google will no longer rank with just your with your SEO. So it's wise to try to get more +1s for your site by providing valuable information.

Facebook already has the Open Graph Protocol API which enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph. Let’s wait for Google to come up such API to customize the image/title/description of +1’d item.

Click here to see how the +1 button can be integrated to websites. Here is a plugin to add +1 button to your wordpress blog and click here to see how the +1 button can be added to a blogger blog.

Have Fun!

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Google +1 vs. Facebook Like – A Detailed Overview

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