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Getting the Most out of LinkedIn to Boost SEO

Social Media Marketing June 28th, 2012


Getting the Most out of LinkedIn to Boost SEO

One great tip about SEO is that the more effort that is put into an SEO campaign, the better the website will rank because of it.  Higher ranks will increase the traffic to a website, which will likely increase profits.  Several businesses utilize social networking websites, but some of these may not be improving the search engine rankings of the website.  While some social media is extremely beneficial there are sites that are less than effective.

One very usefully SEO friendly social networking site is LinkedIn.  LinkedIn has a high domain authority, which means that a backlink to a business website will receive high link juice.  To start, create a LinkedIn account or improve on an existing one.  Even profiles already in existence can probably use some SEO friendly updates.  Here are a few ways to better a LinkedIn account to boost SEO results.

Links and Anchor Text

Creating a backlink and using keyword specific anchor text is one of the simplest solutions to increasing SEO yet it is extremely effective.  These links will lead directly to a specific website.  Links should not be set up as just a url that links to the website.  It needs to be a word or phrase that when clicked on will take the reader to that specific website.  Search engines will reference both the url and the keyword, which will result in a higher rank for that keyword.


When setting up or updating a profile, be aware of the words that are being used.  Keywords should be used intermittently in the personal description and job summary.  These keywords should not be overused because the text still needs to be readable to the viewer.  Another great way to incorporate keywords into a profile is to include them into the headings.


LinkedIn users have the ability to create a custom urls rather than having a bunch of random numbers and symbols following the web address.  A custom url can be as simple as using your own name or your company name.  Company names are great in the url for SEO purposes, but if there is a job change it will not be very beneficial for personal purposes.  The url can be the name of your personal website or blog to make it personal yet business friendly.

Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great tool for networking business acquaintances, finding jobs, and finding information.  It is a smart decision for any business or individual to utilize the benefits of LinkedIn to benefit an SEO campaign.

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Getting the Most out of LinkedIn to Boost SEO

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