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Getting More Social Through Google Social Search

Social Media Marketing August 21st, 2010


Getting more social through Google Social SearchGoogle Social Search is a filter designed to find relevant content from your social circle. Although this concept is still in Beta, the idea is that content from your friends and social contacts is often more relevant and reliable to you than content from strangers.

To get started, you will need to create/login to your Google Account. Once signed in, create a Google profile by adding some information about yourself, uploading your photo etc. Furthermore, it is important to link your profile to your friends and family through your Blog, Picassa, Twitter, Orkut , Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other online networks that you are a part of. Within a few weeks, whenever you search the web after signing in to your Google account, Google combines results from your friend’s Blogs, Twitter, and other public social media sites along with Google’s regular search results.

How Social Search Works?

When you search in Google you might see social search results for a particular search term at the bottom of the results page under "Results from people in your social circle." This content shown within the Social Search results is publicly-available online through Google and other search engines. This content can be websites, blogs, public profiles, and other content linked from your friends' Google profiles. It also includes status updates such as tweets, reviews, images posted publicly by friends in your social circle on Picasa Web and from websites that appear on their Google profiles and also articles from your Google Reader subscriptions etc. If you want to see more such results from people in your social circle, click More Search Tools on the left panel of the search results page and select Social to filter your results.


For eg: I’m searching for the term “Google Analytics” after signing into my Google account. Apart from regular search results I also see results from people in my social circle for the term “Google Analytics”. In the above example, my social search results shows the webpage that contains information on Google Analytics connected through my twitter account. The result also shows updates on Google Analytics posted by TechWyse on Twitter.

There are some cases where you may not be able to see social results due to a number of possible reasons. Here’s why

1. If you are not signed in to your Google Account.

2. If your Google language preference is not set to U.S. English.

3. Always remember that you need to search on Google.com to see Google Social Search results.

4. If your social circle is small that is if you or your contacts are not connected through many online social services.

5. If you search for terms on which your social circle might have not written any relevant content.

6. If your Google profile has been recently updated by adding new links it may take a couple weeks or longer for your social search results to reflect the new contacts and content.

7. Also if your Google Account is based on a non-Google email address you might not have any contacts available and you can add links to your social sites to your Google Profile.

People in your social circle

People in your social circle includes those in your Gmail chat list (or Google Talk), those connected publicly through social sites, such as Twitter etc that appear on your Google profile or in your public Google Buzz. Also people you’re following in Google Reader subscriptions and Google Buzz.

For eg: If you have a friend on Twitter, and he follows three people, those additional three people may also be included in your social circle.

I think the connections with an unlimited amount of Social Networks is very interesting! As the Internet evolves, having your Search Results filtered relevantly with your Social Circle will be extremely powerful and helpful. If you have not yet created a Google Profile, create one and start enjoying the Google Social Search feature.

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Getting More Social Through Google Social Search

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