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Facebook Fanpage Customization Secrets – Custom Tabs and Applications

Social Media Marketing August 20th, 2010


Facebook Fanpage Customization Secrets – Custom Tabs and ApplicationsWith over 500 million users, Facebook is the hottest topic among both Internet Users and Online marketers. Not only has Facebook changed the face of social networking, it has also paved the way for many other similar social networking sites.

I believe the three main growing elements that make Facebook such a big hit are the Applications, Games and most importantly “Fanpage”. Fanpage has become the second home page for online business and it has become the best online to display your brand image.

Here is a list of tabs that I recommend to make your Fanpage stand out from the rest:

1) Extended info:

Extended Info allows you to add extra fields to your profile, such as Currently Reading, Favorite Foods, or anything else you may think of. If you think that the basic info tab is not enough for providing your company details, then extended info can solve that problem. The application also supports HTML/FBML, images, music, and video with which we can do a lot with it.

2) My Web Profile:

Web Profile will allow you to connect Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Digg and other social media accounts to your Facebook profile. If you have more social Networking profiles then don’t limit yourself, Web profile lets you add hundreds of social media and networking profiles.

3) You Tube Video Box:

YouTube video box is an application to share your favorite YouTube video on the Facebook Fanpage wall. This can be used to quickly find and integrate your videos from YouTube which can be really helpful if you want to keep your fans engaged and also to increase your reputation.

4) Reviews:

The Review Tab will let your fans know what to expect from your company or product. This will give an opportunity for your fans to post their views on the Facebook wall. Reviews are similar to the testimonials that you have in your website. There is one thing to be aware of however, since this tab is ‘public, you are open to both positive and negative comments, so use it wisely!

5) Statc FBML:

This is my favorite application for Fanpage customization. With the Static FBML the Admin’s of the page can create and add different features and tabs to your Fanpage profile. This is done by using the Facebook Mark Up Language (FBML) and you also change the title of the tabs accordingly. The tabs can be used in various ways to increase the value of your Fanpage. Few examples are mentioned below:

Landing Page/ Welcome tabs :

We can use the Static FBML tabs as a landing page of our Fanpage Profile, if you are wondering what a landing page is; it’s a page that gets displayed once a new visitor clicks on our Fanpage link. A well customized and optimized landing page can engage the visitor and make him “LIKE” the page as well. A landing page can include links to your website, a contact form, multimedia flash or videos. The more creative you become with your tabs the more conversions you get.


Another way of making use of your custom tabs is by displaying your portfolio. In the above image we can see the custom tab that was created for Techwyse Fanpage, which displays the portfolio the company.

Installing GA code :

Fanpage gives limited information about the visitors to our Fanpage through the ‘Insights’. But the information is completely restricted to the interactions and no information about the visitors. Google Analytics can give you detailed demographic information about the visitors to our Fanpage. Now we can get complete Analytics information of our Fanpage by following few additional steps. All we have to do is to install the Facebook Google Analytics Code (FBGAT), and easily apply the GA code to the Fanpage. For detailed information click here.

6) Social RSS

Since regular posts and updates are a must for keeping your fans updated about your company, the use of Social RSS just does that. This application can incorporate your website blog to your Facebook Fanpage and it automates the updates of your blog through RSS. Social RSS is one of the most stable and efficient RSS application created to date. Apart from this, there are various other RSS applications as well, which means if you don’t like the look one, you can try a different one as well.

7) Other Useful Applications are :

  • Polls – Polls can be used to get feedbacks from your fans. An application like “Polldaddy” can help you to create polls that can be shared in your Fanpage.
  • Discussion Board – The discussion board can be a great tool to build a mini forum in your Fanpage. Try to keep your discussion board active with updated tips and questions to increase the interaction with your fans.
  • Slideshare – Slideshare application allows us to share presentations and documents on our Fanpage. If you already have a slideshare account we can sync the account directly to the Fanpage or if you don’t have an account you can import your slides.
  • Twitter App – Helps you to integrate your Twitter account to the Fanpage.
  • My LinkedIn – Integrates Linkedin profile to the Fanpage.
  • Causes.
  • Notes.
  • Events.

The above mentioned are the few of the applications and tabs that can make your Fanpage more effective and attractive. While customizing a Fanpage keep in mindr that it’s visible to anyone i.e. even the non members of Facebook can see the Fanpage, so make sure you have accurate, and up to date information in your tabs. Make your page stand out from the rest and convert your “Likes” into action!

Post By Mahesh (11 Posts)

Mahesh has been applying his Internet Marketing and Web Analytics skills over the past few years and has been sharing some of that experience on various digital marketing blogs.

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Mahesh has been applying his Internet Marketing and Web Analytics skills over the past few years and has been sharing some of that experience on various digital marketing blogs.
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Facebook Fanpage Customization Secrets – Custom Tabs and Applications

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