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Tips For Optimizing Your Google Places Listing

Search Engine Optimization March 18th, 2013


Claiming the Google map listing for your business is a great way to jump straight to the top of the search engine results page for your location based keywords and is very simple to do. Have you ever noticed that the map listings always appear at the top of the search results? Well every business can claim the map listing associated with their company and optimize it effectively and this is a great way to market your website online.

Map listings will only show for search terms that include a location name and so optimizing your Google map listing is the perfect way to build brand awareness in your local area. Here are some easy to implement tips for optimization.

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Include As Much Info As Possible

Once you’ve claimed your listing there will be many different fields for you to fill in regarding all the information associated with your business. In order to get the best from this process you need to fill out as many of these fields as possible so that your potential customers will have all the information they need. Also it may seem like it would go without saying to include your premises address and not your home address but I have seen this done in the past.

Include Keywords

In the description section of the listing you will have a certain amount of characters to sell your business as best you can. Here you should include information about the products and services that you provide but remember to use the keywords that you want to be found for. For example if you are a confectionary store in Manchester you should be including phrases such as ‘Manchester sweet shop’ and ‘sweets in Manchester’.

Include Special Offers

The idea is to make your map listing as appealing as possible so that when it does appear in the search results people are more likely to click on it. A great way to do this is to regularly update it with any special offers or deals that you might be running that could entice people in. Remember to change this when the offer runs out though.

Include Pictures

Pictures are great to have on your map listing, especially if your business requires your customers to see the products before they buy them. This is particularly important in say the technology where people may not know what they are looking for purely by its name. Pictures will also make your listing stand out in Google’s search results.

Ask You Customers For Reviews

Once your map listing is claimed and up and running you can start to ask your loyal customers to write reviews about you in Google’s review tool. The more reviews you can get, the better your business will obviously look but also, when you reach five or more reviews Google will start to give your map listing a star rating. This will then improve depending on how many positive reviews you get and will look great to potential customers.

If you are struggling to do your own SEO, be it map listings or general website optimization, then there are plenty of UK SEO companies that will be able to offer their services. SEO is a great way to market your business online but can take a fair amount of effort and time and you may want to seek a little advice before you get started.

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Post By Chris Mayhew (3 Posts)

Chris Mayhew is a passionate writer working for Marketing By Web. This internet marketing agency offers managed services in SEO, PPC and social media.


Chris Mayhew is a passionate writer working for Marketing By Web. This internet marketing agency offers managed services in SEO, PPC and social media.
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Tips For Optimizing Your Google Places Listing

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