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The Myths And Secrets Behind A Good Google PageRank

Search Engine Optimization November 7th, 2012


The next Google PageRank update of 2012 is nearly here. Ok, ok! Before you say it, I am well aware that Google PageRank is not the be all and end all and I will sleep easy even though I know the next Google PageRank of 2012 is coming. I’m not sitting here obsessing over it but I like many people are keen to see what Google will dish up for my website and blog alike. The next PageRank update is due to arrive any day now and I have noticed an influx of discussion around the webmaster and SEO fraternity, some people hoping for a big rise in their rank and others are telling those who are eagerly anticipating the Google update to stop worrying so much and that “Google PageRank is worth nothing!”.

Well, I sit in the middle somewhere and whilst I believe that Google PageRank does carry some importance, I’m not going to wait by my toolbar in anticipation. Being that I have a couple of blogs that very new, have put a lot of work into and ones that missed out on the last Google PageRank update, I will be checking back every now and then to see what Google thinks of number and quality of links I have acquired in the last three months. Given all of the discussion surrounding the PageRank update, I thought I would share my own views on what it means, some of the possible benefits of Google PageRank and even a couple of resources that may help your Google PageRank for the next upcoming update.

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Some Of The Benefits Of Having A Good Google PageRank:

1) Priority Indexing By Google

Google wants to see that your website is a quality website that offers quality information, quality resources and generates quality backlinks. If your website is only brand new and hasn’t had a chance to share any quality resources and generate backlinks from any relevant sites, your PR will most likely sit at zero. When your PageRank is sitting at 0, Google will only come around and index your website once its good and ready and after it has finished indexing all of the new content that all of the higher PageRank and higher authority sites have published.

2) Strong Indication Of Quality Of Links

The Google PageRank algorithm was created to determine the number and quality of the links pointing back to a specific website or web page. The higher that your Google PageRank is generally indicates that the number and quality of the backlinks you have pointing back to your web page are fairly good and that Google thinks your website is quite popular. It is also a good indication to webmasters and website owners of what Google thinks of the work that you have been doing on your website. If your Google PR doesn’t increase during the PR Update, it is most likely that A) You haven’t been building any links or people within this three month period haven’t linked back to you (in which case it may decrease) or B) The quality and quantity of links you have been able to generate since the last update hasn’t increased, whether that be in PR or in sheer numbers.

3) Higher PR Generally Means Greater “Authority”

The higher the PR of your website generally means greater authority. This is not in Google’s eyes and this does not necessarily mean that Google will rank you higher in the search engines because that is determined by the quality of the content that you produce and the number and quality of the links that are relevant to whatever topic you write or focus on pointing back to your website. It means that the general public and other webmasters in general see it as a sign of authority. If you have a higher PageRank, people are more likely to link back to you for SEO purposes, people are more likely to leave comments on your blog and people are more likely to share content and possibly request a guest blogging slot on your blog. Now that I have explained my reasons for why I think Google PageRank is somewhat important, I will give you my predictions of when I think the next toolbar update will occur. Now, my prediction is just a stab in the dark and I will never claim to know exactly when it is going to occur because truthfully, no-one does and sometime it seems like Google themselves don’t even know. Nevertheless, Im going to have a crack and I’m also going to post the previous updates too so that you can make your own educated decision on when it may or may not be.

When Will The Next Google PageRank Update Occur?

  • 2nd November 2012 and 8th November 2012 – EXPECTED
  • 2nd August 2012 – CONFIRMED
  • 3rd May 2012 – CONFIRMED
  • 6th February 2012 – CONFIRMED

By my calculations and research into previous updates, my guess would be that the next Google PageRank update is going to fall somewhere in the first week of November, somewhere around the time that I am writing this post. If you have your own idea of when it may be, feel free to post it in a comment below and tell me why you think that you may be right and I may be wrong.

Now, I said earlier that I would give some tips on how you may be able to increase your PageRank so here they are. This is just my experience in what counts and what doesn’t and once again, if you feel you have any other tips that may help other website owners out there, go ahead and leave your own version of the truth.

Tips On Increasing Your Google PageRank

1) Creating Super Informative Content And Posts

Creating content and writing posts that are super informative is one way to generate interest within your blog or website. The better your content is, the more likely that people are to link back to it and share it. Better content will help you to generate the backlinks that you are so desperately looking for but will also help you to get the all important social signals that Google looks for these days and uses as one of its rankings factors.

2) Writing Guest Posts And Guest Blogging For Industry Based Blogs

Now, for those of you who don’t like to write or just don’t know where to start, just start! Seek out some authority blogs and websites within your niche (maybe not your competitors) and start writing guest articles or posts that you can then go to them with and ask if you can exchange your content for a nice healthy backlink. There are many resources online that will show you where to look and there are even communities like MyBlogGuest that will do all of the leg work for you, all you need to do is create content that they would be happy to publish on their website or blog to get the backlinks you need.

3) Discussions On Other Relevant Forums And Blogs

I am a regular frequenter of industry based blogs and forums. A) to see what is happening and to keep up with all of the latest news (the is always new news in the web world) and I will always jump on the forums to create discussion. I will always create a profile on these blogs and forums and I will always create a signature. This is great for a profile backlink and when you create topics or leave comments on these blogs or forums, you will also have signature links that show up too! Double bonus.

4) Manual Link Exchanges With Relevant Websites

Exchanging links with relevant websites and blogs within your industry is another way to get some street cred from Google. If you can source out websites from your local area, websites within your niche or websites that are somewhat related to your topic (not random spammy ones) this may also help to increase your PageRank. Try finding websites from within your niche, not only from your local area (because they will most likely be your competitor) but anywhere from around the globe. Ok, that’s all for today but finally, here are a couple of resources that you can use to check your Google PageRank if you don’t have a plugin installed within your browser, a couple of resources to find out a little bit more about Google PageRank (if I haven’t explained myself properly). My number one tool for checking PageRank is the Bulk PageRank Checker as it allows me to check all of my websites at once rather than going through and checking each one individually and the other resource that I used initially to find out what PageRank was all about was Wikipedia. Check out the Wikipedia wiki on Google PageRank.


Post By Lucas Raby (1 Posts)

is the Founder of a Melbourne based Digital Marketing company for Real Estate agents called AgentMate. Lucas also loves to write on all things web and SEO based. For more information about Lucas or to read through the articles on his blog, visit SearchEngineOptimization.me today.


is the Founder of a Melbourne based Digital Marketing company for Real Estate agents called AgentMate. Lucas also loves to write on all things web and SEO based. For more information about Lucas or to read through the articles on his blog, visit SearchEngineOptimization.me today.
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The Myths And Secrets Behind A Good Google PageRank

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