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The Best Ways to Keep Your Traffic for Longer

Search Engine Optimization July 5th, 2012


The Best Ways to Keep Your Traffic for Longer

SEO is all about getting people to visit your websites and making sure that you get that all important exposure. The logic goes like this: the more people who come to your site, the higher the chance there is that someone is going to click an advert or buy one of the products you have on offer, and so the more you are going to earn money. However the amount your site earns does not only correlate with how many people come to your page, and what’s possibly even more important is actually what they do when they get there. If they come to your site and they leave immediately without reading anything or clicking anything the all the traffic in the world isn’t going to boost your profits.

And more to the point, the ability to keep people on your site longer might also improve the number of people who come to your site in the first place – not only because they’ll remember the site is good, but also because Google is starting to look at things like how long traffic tends to stay on a site so that it can use this to rank the more useful pages first.

Quality Over Quantity

The first way to avoid this problem is to increase the quality of your traffic and that means making sure that you don’t just get lots of people coming to your site but that you rather get lots of people coming to your site who are interested in the subject you are offering. This means avoiding spammy techniques that trick people into visiting your site, and instead concentrating on proper marketing to audiences that you know are interested in the content. If you trick someone to come to your site then they’ll realise this pretty soon and they’ll leave just as fast.

Web Design

And then there’s the web design, the content and what you include on your site which makes sure that the traffic that does want to be on your site will be there for longer. Of course first of all these things have to be good. At the same time though they also have to be designed in such a way that you find it pleasant to be there. That means soothing colors and images, and lots of white space. If your site is too crowded and filled with loud and aggressive colors, then even if it looks good you will want to leave fairly soon. Make your site into a site that’s like a holiday from the rest of the web.

Next you need to ensure that people always know that there’s more on offer on your site. Use some advertising space on your articles to advertise your other articles, and make sure that you think about the kinds of things that this visitor is going to want. Avoid having too many links pointing out of your site.

Finally you also need to use features for your site and content that forces people to stay longer. For instance web apps and games will draw someone in for longer, while a forum will giv someone purpose to keep updating and refreshing your page.

Post By Bren Hammel (1 Posts)


This guest post was written by Bren Hammel from EurekaSEM, a fast growing web design Newcastle company. Bren believes that content, navigation and web design should contribute towards making users stay longer on the site.

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The Best Ways to Keep Your Traffic for Longer

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