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Should You Alter Your SEO Campaign Based On The Season?

Search Engine Optimization October 1st, 2012


All businesses are affected by seasonality in one form or another. Whether or not your company is dependent on physical seasons, such as a lawn care company, your business cycle will follow a certain pattern every year. Here are a few tips for making the most of your SEO services and capitalizing on your inevitable seasonality patterns.

There Will Be Slow Seasons

Some seasons are just going to be slow for searches. This isn’t a negative reflection on your current SEO services or campaigns. Some companies see those low numbers and immediately throw a whole bunch of new keywords into the mix. While there is nothing wrong with considering what you could tweak or add to your keywords, most likely your traffic will pick up again naturally when the slow season is over.

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Seasonality Impacts Overall Search Volume

The keyword phrase “kitchen remodeling contractors” gets steady traffic from January through May with the lowest traffic occurring in December. Contractors are very likely to see increased traffic for all of their services when the kitchen keyword phrase is getting a large number of searches because there are lots of people visiting their website. Likewise, when that traffic drops, views for other areas of the website will most likely drop, too.

Consider Seasonality for All Keywords

It is easy to understand the seasonality for keyword phrases such as “infant Halloween costumes” and “Christmas stocking patterns.” However, many unassuming keywords are affected by seasonality too. For example, not many people are searching for “IT services” during November and December when they are busy with holiday events. When the holidays are over and they are back in a more normal routine in January, the keyword will start to get more searches again.

Plan Ahead and Understand Your Time Frame

If you are striving to maximize seasonal traffic, you need to get your content out there ahead of time. For example, if you’re going to publish an article about throwing a New Year’s Eve party, you should have your content ready to go around December 1. This will give the article ample time to get indexed and get picked up by others who are looking for new, relevant content to link on their own sites.

Understand SERPs for Keywords

It’s important to understand the different SERP inventory that is available for a specific target keyword. For example, if a particular topic has a lot of images in the Google search results, focus on image optimization.

Post By Jesse Dugan (1 Posts)

Jesse Dugan is a part of an elite team of writers who have contributed to hundreds of blogs and news sites. Follow him @JesseDugan.


Jesse Dugan is a part of an elite team of writers who have contributed to hundreds of blogs and news sites. Follow him @JesseDugan.
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Should You Alter Your SEO Campaign Based On The Season?

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