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Seven Backlinking Mistakes That Can Lead to a Penalty

When it comes to backlink acquisition, the resourceful Internet marketer has many options available to him. Unfortunately however, not all options are worthwhile. In fact, some of them can be downright harmful.

Should you be looking to climb the SERPs, there is a wrong way and a right way to go about building backlinks. And when you go the wrong way, you run the risk of sending your site careening in the wrong direction too.


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Here are seven backlinking mistakes that are known to lead to Google penalties.

Building Too Many, Too Fast

Whether or not Google penalizes sites for acquiring backlinks too fast has long been a hotly debated topic. Some insist that backlinking campaigns that lack patience will always incur a penalty.

Others argue that because it is theoretically possible for a new site to attract hundreds of backlinks in its first few weeks, Google is not going to penalize a site for doing so. Personally, my money is always going to be on slow and steady backlink building.

Building Spam Backlinks

There are many easy ways to acquire large amounts of spam backlinks. Unfortunately however, though their numbers are usually impressive, their results rarely follow suit.

Spam backlinks have been around right from the beginning and Google hasn’t been falling for them for quite some time now.

Forgetting to Use Different Anchor Text

Another dead giveaway that you’ve been attempting to manipulate the search rankings is forgetting to include different anchor text in the backlinks that you build. After all, naturally built backlinks are never going to all include identical anchor text. Though you probably can get away with including the same keywords repeatedly, you do need to change how they are included.

Guilty By Association

There are many sites online that you simply do not want to be associated with. When you build backlinks on such sites you run the risk of being penalized.

Joining Blog Networks

The likes of recently hit the Internet marketing headlines for all the wrong reasons. Their many apparently reputable blogs were recently sent careening to the back of the search results.

Joining blog networks is now known to be a very effective way of getting your site penalized. Though there are many blog networks still operating, it really is only a matter of time before they suffer a similar fate.

Building Backlinks on Foreign Language Sites

If you own an English language website, you need to limit your backlink building activities to sites that are written in English. It is simply not natural for a website to link to sites that are written in a different language. It also happens to be one of the easiest types of SERP manipulation for bots to pick up on.

Only Building Certain Types of Backlinks

Finally, don’t forget that even if you focus exclusively on high quality backlinks, you can still find yourself penalized. When a sites backlinks have been acquired naturally, they tend to come from a variety of different sources. This means that they will include both dofollow and nofollow backlinks and they will come from both high and low page rank websites.

Therefore don’t forget to mix things up a little when backlink building. The odd nofollow “pointless” backlink is actually a good thing.

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