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SEO Makes My Head Hurt!

Search Engine Optimization November 25th, 2008



Yes really… it’s true.

Outside of us Cyber Marketing geeks, some webmasters and a handful of astute web site owners, no one really seems to know what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) really is.

And trying to explain it to someone that doesn’t know? Sure! – I would have more fun banging my head against a studded wall or my keyboard, as my forehead can attest.

And how about meeting new people?

My ‘better half’ and I recently went out for dinner with our new Financial Advisor. Occupation is always a topic of conversation isn’t it? So when we met, he turns to me and says, "so you’re in computers?"


So for all you people that love analogies, this is how I like to explain the importance of SEO.

Internet Marketing Analogies

During my day-to-day activities, a large part of what I do is explain, or (at least try to) methodologies and SEO processes to clients, as well as would-be clients. In order to make this translation as painless and as easy to understand as possible, I like to use analogies. Drawing parallels between SEO and real-world examples tends to work quite well. So, here we go.

Web Development Analogy

Building a Web Site is like Building a House

Would you design and architect a house all by yourself or hire an architect to do the drawings? Considering you will be spending a great deal of time in your new house, I would hope you choose the latter. What kind of upkeep costs are we talking about, if your house breaks, the roof falls, cracks form in the foundation? A web site is no different.  Get your website planned by a top architect with a proven track record and a good site builder (or contractor in the house business) or wolves will blow your house down!

SEO Analogies

Think of Inbound Links as Roads

The internet just wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for links. Having no one linking to your website is equivalent to leaving your “house” stranded on an island. No links equals no search spiders which equals no visitors.  Don’t build your house so that no one is going to build roads to your driveway!  The house will be desolute quickly!

SEO Is Like Physical Fitness

What kind of results would you expect if you only went to the gym once?
SEO is no different. You will not receive the desired results if you don’t employ a proper SEO plan.  Exercise that SEO plan and give it a regular workout man!

SEO Is Like the Election Process

Google brought this on with their Page Rank technology.  In essence, a link to your web site is a vote.  The more votes you get, the better your SEO will be.  The voting system works much like the American election process.  Yes it is great to get tons of votes but not every vote is equal.  Get links from well respected sites in your niche and they are golden.  

Off-Line Advertising

SEO vs Billboards

You’ve just spent $1000’s of dollars on a brand new shiny billboard display including tons of man hours to create the brand. Now why would you go to all this effort if you planned on posting it in the Antarctic where no one will ever see it?  Not ensuring a strong SEO plan means you have done just that!  Get that ad up in Time’s Square by having a strong SEO plan!

SEO vs Publications

You’ve agreed to put an advertisement in your local trade magazine or newspaper.
The publication has a circulation of 100,000 people…  Wow! – But how do you know how many of those will actually SEE your ad?
Putting a site online makes your web presence accessible to 1.5 billion Internet users.
Put an SEO action plan in place, and qualified, targeted users WILL see your site.

So, back to the original question, do I work on computers?

Yes, well… I do work on a computer, but then so does half the modern world. Sheesh…

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Also known as NEO, Colin can be found walking around the neighborhood giving everyone SEO tips and tricks. When he can find the time to peel himself away from the team at TechWyse he often can feel compelled to bless us with his thoughts through the Rise To The Top blog.

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SEO Makes My Head Hurt!

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